Reconquista underway as Trump threatens No Deal on DACA Forget the Alamo, and certainly forget the Battle of San Jacinto.

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By Lynn Woolley

President Trump is not happy with Mexico, and he might retaliate by killing DACA and by walking away from the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The Hispanic and Latino American proportion of population in the United States in 2010 over laid with the Mexican–American border of 1836. (Wikipedia)

The President’s ire has been raised because Mexico is apparently aiding a “Holy Week Caravan” of more than 1,000 migrants headed from Honduras to the United States.

This type of thing happens from time to time – and some Americans wonder if our country can withstand the massive changes that come with open borders.

Already, about 52 percent of students in Texas are Hispanic children – and that brings changes in culture and language.

So is there a “Reconquista” underway? 

Mexico doesn’t appear to be taking any of these Honduran refugees – but has no trouble steering them our way where they will seek asylum. Mexico may see this as a way to stage a bloodless invasion.

The President, visibly upset, was tweeting about all this.

Mr. Trump blames Democrats and Mexico for what he calls a dangerous influx of illegals into the United States. He tweeted on Sunday…


…and referred to “caravans of immigrants headed north toward the U.S.-Mexico border, something that “Fox & Friends” had been covering. The Mainstream Media likes to make an issue out of the President’s reactions to FOX News – but that doesn’t mean FOX News isn’t covering stories that CNN isn’t interested in.

FOX News tends to report actual news stories in a more neutral way than the MSM. As an example, I was struck by the difference in how this story was reported by “The Washington Examiner,” a more conservative outlet as opposed to the left-wing New York Times.

On the issues of asylum being sought by the Hondurans, Paul Bedard of the Examiner put it this way:

“Their [the Hondurans] goal is to cross into the U.S. this weekend and demand asylum.”

But Katie Rogers, in the New York Times, softened that up to take all the sting out of it:

“A group of hundreds of Central Americans has been traveling trough Mexico toward the United States, where some hope to seek asylum or sneak across the border.”

“Demand asylum” is a far cry from “some hope to seek asylum,” but that is the difference in the point of view when one reporter seems to favor border security the other one doesn’t. Factually, only one of these accounts is true to any large extent.

Rep. Keith Ellison (You Tube)

The New York Times presents the usual anti-Trumpers – some from each party.

Many open-borders advocates hated on Trump for his Sunday tweets, but the NYT picked out a few – for obvious reasons.

First is Rep. Keith Ellison, who is Islamic and dependable characterized trump as a racist. He tweeted:

“You were never doing a DACA deal. Your actions gave you away: cancelling DACA with no plan, making racist comments about Black/Brown immigrants, ejecting several by bipartisan deals. You didn’t fool anybody.”

That’s typical Ellison – but he’s very close to the CNN/left-wing/liberal ideology that all countries should have sovereign borders – except the United States. Another politician singled by by Ms. Rogers is Ohio Governor John Kasich:

“A true leader preserves & offers hope, doesn’t take hope from innocent children who call America home.”

The Mainstream Media LOVES politicians that hate Trump and also happen to be Republicans. Kasich has been their “useful idiot” from a while now.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (Newsmax)

But Kasich isn’t alone. I would imagine George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, and plenty more support “comprehensive immigration reform” because it would open up borders and provide lots of cheap labor.

Why Trump is mad.

The President of the United States, whose #1 job is to protect his country from invasions, is seeing one right before his eyes and there is no will, no movement, no interest in Congress to do one damn thing about it.

Perhaps it is time to start using the word “Reconquista” again.

Forget the Alamo, and certainly forget the Battle of San Jacinto. There are those who believe that the American Southwest really should be part of Mexico – and that, if it can’t be reclaimed militarily, it should be reclaimed culturally.

That may be what we’re seeing right now with the Democrats and many Republicans pushing DACA and open borders, and Mexico herding Hondurans right into the United States. California is willingly doing precisely what Mexico wishes. Texas elites are also ready to comply – but state leadership is resisting.

So is President Trump. But the United States’ grip on being a sovereign country, speaking English and with a discernible culture, is slipping.

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