President Trump unfazed by Protesters The fact that liberals are protesting means that they lost & their agenda is being taken to the ash heap.

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By Lynn Woolley

Look at it this way: When President Obama began implementing his far left agenda in 2008, most conservatives vehemently objected. Vehemently – but not violently.

There were few if any protests.

But after eight long years of Obama’s policies, many liberals are used to getting their way. Being leftists, and many just out of left-wing college campuses; they expect to get their way. Trump doesn’t care. He knows that half the country is with him – and that he is the President. So he concentrates on getting stuff done – and he’s off to a very busy start.

Thousands of protesters gathered at JFK airport in New York City Saturday in protest of people detained under Trump's executive order Friday. (Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty)

Thousands of protesters gathered at JFK airport in New York City Saturday in protest of people detained under Trump’s executive order Friday. (Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty)

The Left has no idea what hit them –so they protest.

The networks carry the awards show protests – and CNN has cameras at major airport protests—so it all looks bigger than it is. The Left would have protested ANY Republican president, and they expect to win. Trump is unfazed, making them look like fools.

Video: Al Jazeera reports on the protests against Trump’s “ban.”

Obama took this country farther left than most people think.

The former president made no bones about what he wanted to do: unravel the agenda of President Ronald Reagan.

He saw the Constitution as an impediment to “progress.” He believed in Big Government in a way that made Bill Clinton seem perfectly reasonable. He let foreign affairs go to hell in order to concentrate on Climate Change, inequality and Social Justice – causes that were dear to his heart. Jobs and other things important to people in the Heartland were ignored.

The Right could have raised holy heck – but other than some peaceful Tea Party rallies – conservatives accepted the results of the elections (both of them) and waited for their day to come. The day came sooner than expected with the election of Trump.

Video: CNN reports on the Trump phone call to Putin & executive orders including the lobbying ban and the immigration order

Had Hillary Clinton gotten elected, we would be living in a much different time.

  • I suspect that tens of thousands more refugees from Islamic countries would be welcomed in with some vetting – but not as much as Trump is requiting.
  • Merrick Garland or someone to his left would be about do assume a position on the Supreme Court.
  • Identity politics (mostly gender-based) would be paramount with the first woman president.
  • Big Government would be thriving and we’d be about to expand Obamacare to a single payer system and call it Hillarycare again.
  • Israel would be in trouble with Hillary pursing to an end to the “occupation” and a dismantling of settlements and a two-state solution.

And still, conservatives would not have marched.

There would have been no protests at hospitals when government healthcare failed; no protests at airports seeking to stop Muslim refugees; no protests at Planned Parenthood to save babies form the abortionist’s knife.

We would have had Tea Party meeting to show videos and Powerpoints about how awful things are and then we would have gone home and let it be. Conservatives never were taught in colleges like the University of Missouri and the University of Texas that we can’t ever be offended or lose and election.

We are not snowflakes.

We’re not hypocrites like the Democrats are, either.

Then Daily Caller has a story about Vietnamese refugees that were blocked form the United States by liberal Democrats. This was in 1975 as millions were trying to escape out of South Vietnam as the Commies were taking it. The Democrats – led by then (and current) California Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown even turned down orphans. (That’s children in case you were wondering.)

Brown was joined by Sen. Joe Biden and far left-wing presidential candidate George McGovern – who thankfully was not elected.

So, to Dems, it’s better to bring in people of the Islamic faith and hope they are not terrorists than to take some peasant communists who could probably be essily assimilated. But then, they are nuts.

Video: CNN Host Poppy Harlow takes on Jack Kingston (Trump Adviser) over President’s Muslim “Ban”

So let the protests continue.

There are two things left-wingers could be doing. One is celebrating. The other is protesting. If they were doing the former, Hillary Rodham Clinton would likely be POTUS. They would be dancing in the streets over the failure of the Republican Party, and hoping to bury it once and for all.

The fact that they are protesting means that they lost and their agenda is being taken to the ash heap. Let them protest. Trump doesn’t care and neither do I.

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