How President Trump could fix immigration On the immigration issue, we have not been an honest country in a long time.

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By Lynn Woolley

Immigration is complicated.

In America, we’ve boxed ourselves into a corner with strong laws that we can’t enforce due to the size of the illegal workforce. Donald Trump has his work cut out. One good idea comes from Bill O’Reilly.  On his Talking Points memo, O’Reilly suggests a 6-month-long registration period during which illegals would be required to register.

Those who comply would not be subject to immediate deportation so long as they stay out of trouble with the law. Those that fail to register would be subject to deportation if caught – and remember, there’d be no more Sanctuary Cities. But we’d have a database and we could stop using the word “undocumented.” Those that comply might, over time, be eligible for legalization if they pass healthcare and criminal background checks. If Trump did this – he would be off to a very good start.

Additionally, Bill talks about Australia – a country with the population of Texas but the landmass of the United States.

Australia has a “stone cold” policy on illegal immigration as Bill reports. He says we can take some lessons from the Aussies, a people that believe that illegal immigration is a destabilizing force.

Video: Bill’s Talking Points Memo: “Coming to America” — What Trump should do about immigration

Of course, this depends on a secure border.

To make the registration idea work, the border can’t be leaky any more – so Trump will have to build the wall, or implement whatever is going to pass for a wall. Registration makes no sense if thousand of people continue stream across. So the border must be made secure – and I think Trump will do that. O’Reilly suggested a one-year moratorium on new refugees until trump gets the situation under control.

And, at some point, Congress should issue a mandate on how many immigrants we can take each year. O’Reilly says we need a number to go by and it should be “generous.” That makes sense.

trump-immigration-reformCriminal aliens must go.

You would expect that illegal aliens with criminal records would not register. They would have no incentive to, since they would be locked up or deported. That means that employers would be able to identify those people because they would have no proof of registration.

It all depends on actually enforcing the law.

We can fix immigration and keep a low-wage workforce with this plan. But it all depends on left-wing mayors and university presidents being willing to understand that rule of law must be honored. Sanctuary Cities and campuses must go or federal money must be withheld. (Texas is already working to end Sanctuary Cities.) Obviously, there are many additional components – but these ideas will get the ball roiling toward making American an honest country again.

On the immigration issue, we have not been an honest country in a long time.

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