Why Mexico should pay for the Wall – or the Border Canal If we’re going to spend billions on infrastructure anyway, why not a Border Canal?

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By Lynn Woolley

If you were asked — what industries contribute most to America’s GDP, you’d say oil & gas, or technology. But what about Mexico? One of the key factors in the Mexican economy is money transfers from legal and illegal workers in the United States.

In December of 2016, remittances amounted to $2.34 billion. For the year 2016, the figure is $27 billion.

That’s more than Mexico got from oil revenue and close to what it got from foreign investment.

In other words, if President Trump were to cut off remittances, Mexico would be in deep trouble. President Nieto could authorize the $10 billion or so that Mr. Trump wants – and still get more than $20 billion a year sent back to his country.

The wall payment would be one and done! Or even better – both presidents could look at a border canal project that’s being floated that could cause a boom in the U.S. – and Mexico!

The wink & nod economy in both countries cannot go on forever.

It works for a lot of people. Mexico gets to send its unskilled, unemployed workers over here where the menial jobs are appreciated. Then, it gets billions of dollars sent home by those workers. From President Nieto’s perspective – what’s not to like?

From the U.S. point-of-view, certain segments of the economy get really cheap – and pretty good – labor, and that keeps prices down for consumers. Corporate America likes that – and so do Democrats who hope to naturalize the workers at some point and get their votes. But there is a price to pay.

President Enrique Pena Nieto and Donald Trump go to shake hands after a joint statement at Los Pinos, the presidential official residence, in Mexico City, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016. (Photo/Marco Ugarte-AP)

In Mexico, families are broken up –and so, at some point, chain migration starts happening, sending millions more people across the border. This has a detrimental effect on American schools, medical facilities and culture. Already our public schools are failing, medicine is in crisis mode, and Americans are no longer united by a single language. The price has been steep.

The one coming problem that no one talks about is this: what happens when illegal immigrants reach a saturation point and no more are coming over? Their American-born children – granted birthright citizenship – are not going to be interested in picking fruit and laying down shingles. They call themselves Dreamers and they want to go to college and have careers. When their parents die out – who’s going to pick fruit?

The Border Canal – an alternate idea.

Check out the internet, and you’ll see several articles on this idea. Instead of a $10 billion dollar wall – consider a $500 billion (that’s a rough estimate) navigable canal along the Rio Grande. It would cost less than the stimulus President Trump and the Democrats want – and it would create thousands of construction jobs – and thousands of permanent ones.

Rio Grande

El Paso and Laredo would become port cities – as would Matamoros and Juarez. Both countries would see an economic boom. Mexico’s poverty problem would be positively impacted. America gets a big stimulus — but so does Mexico. Illegal immigration becomes obsolete.

Build the canal – or pay up.

If we’re going to spend billions on infrastructure anyway, why not a Border Canal? Mexico would almost certainly participate financially since the canal would be just as beneficial to it as to the U.S. We could start talks and start drawing up plans. With both countries participating, it could be done with a number of construction crews along the site. We could have it done by the time Trump runs for reelection.

Or President Nieto can write the check for the wall or Trump can cut off remittances. And we can all keep fighting.


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