Jorge Ramos is part of an Open-Borders Socialist Movement Ramos belives people on the Right who may have voted for Trump and use the word ILLEGALS are racists.

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By Lynn Woolley

If someone is breaking our immigration laws by being in the United States, isn’t that person, by definition, illegal? Factually, yes.

Jorge Ramos (CNN)

But Ramos, who votes in the United States and Mexico, believes the word is a slur that refers almost exclusively to Latin Americans. I’ve always thought that the entire open-borders movement is socialist in nature – as in John Lennon’s lyric:

“Imagine there’s no countries.”

But I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

Ramos advocates entirely for Mexico, even though he’s become rich and famous in the United States. He never complains about Mexico’s harsh immigration policies. He doesn’t seem to have a problem with any country being a country – except the United States. This exposes Ramos as being part of a left-wing socialist movement to abolish the borders of the U.S. – but not any other country’s borders.

And certainly not Mexico’s borders.

Mexico has nothing resembling America’s “Sanctuary City” nonsense. Mexico authorities aren’t supposed to be stopping people to ask about immigration status, but they will if they have probable cause.

Worse than that, Mexico’s corrupt police and military often target poor migrants moving their way through the country. All this is not to mention human trafficking and drug cartels that make Mexico a bad place. Not that Ramos would notice.

It’s also difficult to forget the case of US citizen and ex-marine Andrew Paul Tahmooressi who made an apparent wrong turn and ended up in a Mexican jail. He was in possession of firearms and ammo, but insisted that he got stuck on a path across the border by mistake. Weapons that were legal in the United States were not in Mexico – and the Mexicans were anxious to vigorously enforce their laws. It was seven months before a Mexican judge finally let him go home.

Perhaps Ramos commented on that and I missed it.

In any case, it is my belief that Ramos and other socialist liberals want to see the United States taken down a peg, as I believe Obama did. In their minds, we ought to pay for our success in building a functioning democracy. (It just isn’t fair!)

Ramos and whether people can be “illegal.”

Here’s the key statement in Ramos latest op-ed as he objects to use of the word by mostly Republicans:

This term has become so widespread in the United States that even some of the more liberal politicians and members of the media are using it. Democrats I have interviewed are gen­erally confused and apologetic when they use the word “ille­gal” to refer to an undocumented immigrant, and they correct themselves. But almost every Republican I have spoken with uses the term without any sense of regret or consequence.

Even some of the more liberal politicians? Even Democrats? Why Jorge whatever do you mean?

Here’s what I think he means:

Ramos is saying that Democrats and other liberals, people who share his ideology, know better than to use this word, but people who are on the Right and may have voted for Donald Trump use the word and therefore are racists. Libs are not racists because they know better and they become apologetic after inadvertently using the word.

I agree that people in and of themselves are not illegal.

When someone robs a bank, that person is referred to as a “bank robber” rather than as an “illegal.” It just fits better. But when someone sneaks across the U.S. border, a breaks out immigration laws simply by being here, the term “illegal” shorthand for all that. You could use “gatecrasher” or “lawbreaker” but Ramos wouldn’t like those terms either. So “illegal” works just fine.

Illegal immigration has been a socialist movement for a while. But it’s morphed.

It’s socialist because of the left-wing notion that, since the U.S. is a rich county, it should share with others. Illegal immigration is just a way for poor people in other nations to claim their fair share.

As of late, it’s become fashionable in liberal circles to talk about the “dehumanizing” effect of deportation and “splitting up families.” That’s like saying to someone – I stole your car, but, since I need it, it would mean of you to demand it back. People like Ramos never mention that (except for so-called Dreamers) every person in the United States illegally came in of his or her own free will.

How can people who are breaking our laws by being here expect no consequences? Easy. They have people like Ramos and Luis Gutierrez protecting them. And now they have someone new to blame for what they did: President Trump.

Video: Jorge Ramos, promoting his new book on the “Ingraham Angle,” calls President Trump a racist

Ramos says with trump in the White House, any undocumented person can be deported at any time. BUT THAT’S NOT TRUMP’S FAULT! THAT’S THE LAW!

Hell, screw the law. This is all about Trump now.

Jorge Ramos says, because of Trump, the sense of fear [in the illegal immigrant community] is palpable. If I were in the Congress, I think I’d introduce a bill to end dual citizenship, and force people who live here but still are most loyal to some other country to make a choice.

I’d call it “Jorge’s Law.”

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