Immigration is about more than Tired, Poor, and Huddled Masses Either America is going to be the world’s welfare superstore, or immigration can work for the immigrant and for our country.

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By Lynn Woolley

With all due respect to Emma Lazarus’ poem, if the United States of America accepts all the world’s tired, poor, and huddled masses yearning to breathe free – we will become a country in chaos, poverty-stricken, and unable to help anybody.

This is why the mini-debate between Jim Acosta, CNN’s left-wing White House reporter, and the young Trump advisor Stephen Miller was so instructive.  

In full liberal mode, Acosta argued with his heart on his sleeve. He seemed to be saying that the poem on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty is policy: bring all the world’s poor here and we’ll take ‘em and feed ‘em and clothe ’em and give ‘em shelter.

If that is our policy – and the tired and the poor take us up on it, imagine a billion – or more – people knocking on our door wanting in. The fact is that no nation could withstand that and continue to survive.

The Cotton-Perdue bill.

This bill, submitted by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, and Sen. David Perdue, R-Georgia is nothing short of common sense. The bill recognizes the difference between a utopian vision of “bring ‘em all in” and a realistic vision more attuned to what makes sense.

Countries all over the world are teeming with tired, poor, and huddled masses. That’s WHY they all want to come here. Some network ought to do a mini-series on what America would be like if took them all. America would look more like India with teeming millions of poverty-stricken people looking for a way to cope.

Video: Jim Acosta vs Stephen Miller – Immigration – White House Press Briefing 8/2/17

America would lose its ability to help anyone.

And note that we already have problems that need solving. California had to raise taxes to pay its obligations – and still some Californians are moving out and others want to secede from the Union. Illinois is bankrupt due to liberal spending policies. New York and Michigan run TV and radio ads trying to lure business to those states by sounding like Texas.

So Cotton and Perdue have put together a proposal that would bring some sense to our legal immigration system by making it merit-based. Speaking English would be a plus. Immigrants would need to show that they could get a job and sustain themselves without welfare. The bill would cut legal immigration in half within a decade.

Frankly, the Trump immigration agenda is a dream come true to those of us who have believed that Obama-style polices would eventually destroy us.

Does this bill destroy American values as Jim Acosta says?

Not in the least. This bill, if passed, and that doubtful – would strength America in a number of ways. Fewer legal immigrants make it easier to assimilate the newcomers. Requiring a fundamental knowledge of English would help unite us. Demanding some marketable skill, whether it’s welding or brain surgery, will save the taxpayers money on welfare. If the kids understand English, our schools will improve. If the immigrants are working, they can pay for their own healthcare. With quicker and easier assimilation, our culture, developed over 240 years, will survive.

The Statue of Liberty.

The French gave us the Statue – but it is up to us to decide what it means. I see Lady Liberty as a beacon to the world that our way of life – what used to be known as “The American Way” – has proven to be exceptional. Our experiment in self-government has created a model that the rest of the world could – but rarely does – emulate.

Acosta and his ilk characterize the Statue of Liberty not as a beacon of liberty but as a “Statue of Immigration” that calls to all the world’s poor. Charles Blow of the New York Times said on one of CNN’s panels that he doesn’t understand what “assimilate” means. That may have been the first time a commentator has gone on live TV and essentially said, “I’m stupid.”

Video: CNN Debate of Jeffrey Lord vs Charles Blow, & Ana Navarro over Trump Immigration Reform

After 240 years of building a nation through immigration and a Melting Pot, we have a mature culture in the United States of America.

We speak English. We sanctify life. We believe in individual freedom for all people. We are a nation of laws that apply to all people and that are based on the good of society. We hold certain truths to be unalienable—that all men are created equal and that government’s power is derived from the consent of the governed. We believe in the Judeo-Christian ethic. We solve our differences at the ballot box without violence. We speak freely and maintain a free press.

What about this do Jim Acosta and Charles Blow not understand? We have an amazing country. Immigration is and should continue to be apart of it. But if we can’t control who comes here, we cannot survive for long. The changes wrought by the last wave of legal and illegal immigration are palpable. Now we have to press 1 for English. Our schools are in deep trouble. Our healthcare system—once the world’s finest – is so expensive that government has taken it over.

The United States cannot become California and Illinois.

If we take in more tired and poor immigrants than we can afford, our country will suffer – or worse. Those on the Left that want open borders do so out of compassion – but a misguided compassion that might someday destroy us.

Others, from both parties, are looking for easy votes to maintain political power, or cheap labor to increase profits. These are cynical and evil reasons to support massive waves of immigration.

We have paused immigration before – to allow for assimilation before opening the gate again. That’s not what we’re doing should this bill pass. We would simply be turning it down a bit – and asking those who come in to being something to the table.

Those are our choices. Either America is going to be the world’s welfare superstore, or immigration can work for the immigrant and for our country. This bill is a good start.

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