Illegal Immigrants hired in spite of the Law & E-Verify Without Birthright Citizenship, which most countries do not have, we could create workable guest worker programs.

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By Lynn Woolley

When you drive by a construction site or stay in a big-city hotel, you pretty much know that a lot of the workers you see are not in this country legally. Have you ever wondered, how do they get hired?

When I was hired by KVET in Austin in 1997, I filled out forms and turned in a copy of my diver’s license. They knew I was a legal citizen. But earlier this month, the feds raided 7-11 stores and made 21 arrests.

Part of the problem is with the E-Verify system, according to a new report in East Bay Times. E-Verify is supposed to be a foolproof way to weed out illegals, and keep American companies honest.

The report says the system is essentially fraud with so many loopholes that companies that want to break immigration law can get away with it. The chance of being audited is low – and that allows unscrupulous companies to break the law.

Daniel Costa

Why doesn’t it work like credit cards?

You eat at a fast food restaurant or buy goods at Walmart, and to pay, you insert a credit card with a chip into a reader – or you swipe it.

The system isn’t perfect, but relatively few errors occur. So why can’t E-Verify work like that?

Daniel Costa is director of immigration law and policy research for the Economic Policy Institute, a pro-labor think tank based in Washington. According to the East Bay Times, he said E-Verify doesn’t verify much of anything.

“They [employers] continue to be able to hire undocumented workers without having to verify anything with the government.”

He called E-Verify a “wink and a nod” from the government that allows employers to behave as badly as they want. Besides, the 763,500 participating employers are a tiny fraction of America’s 18 million businesses. E-Verify is completely voluntary.

Apparently, the system simply checks documents that have been submitted – and accepts them without any type of confirmation that they are real. According to the Social Security Administration, about 1.8 million illegals are using fake or stolen Social Security cards – and that number is growing. E-Verify, seemingly, is worthless when it comes to telling the difference between real and faked documents.

The ultimate solution to illegal immigration.

Some have seen E-Verify as a major solution, but obviously, this report shoots holes in that. Beyond that, we really do need foreign workers to do some of the low-end work – and are low on workers because of the holocaust of abortion that wipes out so many babies that would eventually join the workforce.

Associated Press via Breitbart

The reason we cannot have “comprehensive immigration reform” is that the people don’t want it. Republicans do. Democrats do. Big Business does. But the people manage to stop it every time by doing such things as forming the Tea Party movement, and electing Donald Trump.

Congress could change minds and fix the issue of illegal immigration for all time by challenging the courts over so-called Birthright Citizenship that is supposedly contained in the 14th Amendment. Judges have ruled that Birthright Citizenship is constitutional, but the framers of that amendment never intended that, and they put in language to prevent it. But the courts injected politics and purposefully, in my onion, misread the amendment.

Without Birthright Citizenship, which most countries do not have, we could create workable guest worker programs and we could end the practice of Mexican women sneaking across the border just before delivering in order to establish a citizen child.
Check the birth records at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital and see how many babies are born to women in the country illegally, leading to chain migration.

If we could do this little thing, then we could establish a system wherein we bring in the workers we need, give them green cards, and allow them to do their jobs. Of course, under a legal immigration system, wages would go up – and a lot of Republicans don’t want that. The immigrants would need to apply for citizenship, and Democrats don’t want that. They want amnesty and a quick path to citizenship so they can get easy votes.

We call young illegals whose parents brought them into the country as minors Dreamers.

But there’s another, larger, group that richly deserves that name. Anyone who believes we can fix immigration with E-Verify or so long as we have the insane policy of Birthright Citizenship is dreaming.

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