Illegal alien parents demand benefits for their “citizen” children The parents are all illegals, and the babies were all born in Texas.

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by Lynn Woolley

There is a legal case in Texas that perfectly illustrates why birthright citizenship is so important to illegal aliens from Mexico and other points south of the border.

Photo: CNN

Photo: CNN

Twenty-seven parents representing thirty-two children are in court in Texas demanding birth certificates for their anchor babies. The parents are all illegals, and the babies were all born in Texas. But the State is refusing to recognize the parents’ ID’s known as “matriculas” that were issued by the Mexican consulates.

The problem is that unless Texas accepts the IDs, there will be no birth certificates. That means no free stuff paid for by the American taxpayers. Lawyers have asked for an emergency injunction saying the anchor kids can’t enroll in school, or get medical care and other stuff – which is, of course, the point of getting over here to have the baby in the first place.

What the lawyers say.

Lawyers for the State of Texas say they do not have to recognize the matriculas. In the past, they have – but the State is more conservative than it’s been and the people of Texas are very tired of illegal immigration. That’s making it harder for illegals to sail through the process without running into some red tape.

Lawyers for the South Texas Civil Rights Project are livid. That’s because without the birth certificates, it’s difficult to get anchor babies enrolled in school once they reach school age – and it’s harder to get medical care, travel back and forth, and obtain other benefits like welfare that are available to citizens at taxpayer expense.

Efren Olivares, one of the civil rights lawyers said:

“School is about to start and they can’t go. This is an emergency measure because there will be irreparable harm if they don’t get their birth certificates.”

Taxpayers, on the other hand, suffer irreparable damage from birthright citizenship.

A Mexican immigrant displays his matricula consular card in Ohio. Texas is rejecting the card as an acceptable ID when issuing birth certificates to U.S. born children (Photo: AP)

A Mexican immigrant displays his matricula consular card in Ohio. Texas is rejecting the card as an acceptable ID when issuing birth certificates to U.S. born children (Photo: AP)

Imagine on the day, back in 1866 when the Fourteenth Amendment was passed. We’ve written about the original intent of his Amendment, but suffice it to say that it was a post Civil War amendment designed to prevent the southern states from denying citizenship to the children of former slaves.

What the framers probably didn’t say.

I wasn’t there, but I cannot imagine that the men who crafted this amendment intended it to be used as it is today.

Did they think that someday, poor people from third-world countries to the south would begin illegally emigrating to America in droves – and that some of them would make it a point to get here in order to have a baby. And then, that baby would be the “anchor” for chain migration that would bring dozens or more relatives to America all for the purpose of gaining the benefits of American citizenship, which by the Age of Obama would include lots of unemployment benefits and other welfare.

Did the framers of this amendment intend for their citizenship clause to wreak wholesale changes in the culture they knew? Did they want millions of third-world children enrolling in American schools and demanding to be taught in their native language, thereby costing the taxpayers extra dollars and converting America into a bilingual nation?

Do you think that’s what they were thinking?

Charles Krauthammer? George Will? I’m talking to you!

Of course not. To think that the Fourteenth Amendment was intended to be used as it is today strains the limits of credulity.

We’re not all racists anymore.

The People have been silent on birthright citizenship for two reasons.

First, we’ve been told that it is set in stone in the Constitution. Second, we’ve been told by progressives that if we don’t support it we are racists. Donald Trump has changed all this.

We now have a vigorous debate about the intent of the Amendment, and reasonable students of history understand that the citizenship clause has been twisted into something it was never intended to be. Because of Trump, we can openly oppose the practice of birthright citizenship without being called racist, because Trump has destroyed political correctness. Our chains are gone!

Birthright citizenship is insanity.

Nobody does it on any large scale except the U.S. and Canada and not many people are breaking into Canada for that purpose. The reason other nations don’t do it is because it is stupid. Here is a chain of events that it can cause:

• Nationals of third-world countries hate the conditions in which they live.
• They find out about birthright citizenship in the United States.
• They sneak in and have an anchor baby.
• They practice chain migration.
• They put their non-English-speaking kids in school at taxpayer expense.
• Liberals in the U.S. promote bilingual education.
• They use hospital emergency rooms at taxpayer expense.
• The numbers grow and the culture begins to change.
• Liberals in the U.S. see a permanent underclass forming that can keep them in power permanently.
Cloward-Piven Strategy is implemented, purposefully or otherwise.
• Social services like Social Security, Medicare and welfare expand and run into financial trouble.
• Liberals respond by taking over healthcare so that more of our new citizens can be covered.
• America begins to look like a third world nation.

So maybe this is an exaggeration. But what if it isn’t? Are you willing to stick with a perversion of the Fourteenth Amendment and take your chances? Or would you rather control the border, stop birthright citizenship, and create a logical, sane immigration system that eliminates chain migration and allows us to control the inflow of people into our country?

Donald Trump doesn’t sound anti-immigrant to me.

He sounds like a guy who thinks our system is illogical and downright stupid. He thinks we can craft a better system that makes sense for America – as well as for those we allow in. I think so too. What about you?

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