Illegal Alien apologist Mitchell Schnurman doubles down He writes about all the advantages of illegal labor, but never once does he mention any of the problems that come with it.

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By Lynn Woolley

I’ll give Schnurman this – the Dallas Morning News business writer loves illegal aliens and he makes no bones about it. This time, he’s all-gaga about how “valuable” they are to the Texas economy – and how they paid over 413 billion dollars in taxes while generating almost $145 billion in gross product.

Let’s start with where he’s right.

The Trump economy has created a need to hire more workers, including the unskilled labor that typically comes from the illegals. So, yes, we need the labor force. Where Schnurman goes wrong is that he is dishonest.


He writes about all the advantages of illegal labor, but never once does he mention any of the problems that come with it.

He never mentions the crime associated with illegals, the strain on schools and emergency rooms, and the fact that much of the money they earn is sent back to Mexico.

Schnurman is the prototype illegal alien apologist.

Writing in the style of another good writer that I know, Ruben Navarrette, Mr. Schnurman sticks to politically correct terminology and cherry-picks the facts he wants you to know. His writing could come straight from the Texas Association of Business or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce—two organizations that are all about business interests, but do not seem to have a care about crime, culture, or the cost to the American people that comes with open borders.

Here are a few things I get from Schnurman’s columns:

• He uses the term “unauthorized immigrants” to downplay the fact that they entered our country illegally.
• He calls illegals an “asset” – which can be true in many cases, but he glosses over the fact that there are societal problems associated with them.
• Like most leftists, he doesn’t pay any attention to the changes we are seeing in our language and our culture because of lack of assimilation.
• He totally ignores the costs associated with educating illegal alien children in their native languages.
• He ignores the cost of emergency room care for uninsured illegals.
• He doesn’t worry about displacing jobs that Americans might take if the illegals didn’t work for slave wages.
• He never mentions criminal background or medical screenings as a prerequisite to enter our country.
• He’s obviously never interviewed a long list of people who have had family members murdered by illegal aliens – as I have.
• He never mentions the fact that one of Mexico’s biggest economic boosts comes from illegal aliens in the United States remitting much of their earnings back to Mexico.

With Mr. Schnurman – it’s all about businesses making big bucks off the backs of illegal aliens.

After all, he is the business writer.

Mitchell Schnurman “Business Insight” columnist for the Dallas Morning News

He’s not the culture-rot writer or the religious writer. I actually have more compassion for the migrant worker, because I want to create an above-board, legal system that serves the worker as well as the company.

I’m willing to pay more for a head of iceberg lettuce so that the guest worker from Mexico can make a decent living and be provided some benefits like health insurance.

I’d also support a program to train them in English language skills and American history and allow then, at some time, to apply for citizenship if that’s what they want. But that’s called assimilation, and it assumes that the migrant worker has worth beyond just picking lettuce and fruit.

Liberals (or conservatives) that only like immigrants for cheap labor (now) and votes (later) are the worst kinds of bigots. For his part, Schnurman claims to want a Texas that will welcome illegals in the same manner that California does. I reminded him in an email, and in a column, about what a disaster California is with its sanctuary policies.

But of course, he doubles down. As we’ve heard all week about President Obama, liberals are morally superior to ordinary beings.

Meanwhile, Schnurman tells us how many “unauthorized immigrants” there are in our big metropolitan areas.

This part of his article was really enlightening. You have to have a “willing suspension of disbelief” to accept his numbers – since we’re talking about undocumented people.

He claims that the top 7 metro areas for illegals all have at least 400,000 of them:

• New York 1,150,000
• Los Angeles 1,000,000
• Houston 575,000
• Dallas-Fort Worth 475,000
• Miami 450,000
• Chicago 425,000
• Washington 400,000

Very interesting. That’s 4,475,000 illegals – nearly 5 million. Pew says 11.1 million in 2014, which the year Schnurman is using for his data. So that just leaves 6,625,000 illegals for the rest of the entire United States!

Note that his list does not include the metro areas of San Diego, San Francisco-Oakland, Sacramento, Phoenix, Las Vegas, the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, New Orleans, or Atlanta. It doesn’t include dozens of other metropolitan areas.

And this is why we do not believe the Left when it tries to underestimate the number of illegals in our country. I’d guess it’s closer to 20,000,000 and perhaps many more than that. To find out, we ought to include a citizenship question in the next Census. Oh, wait! The Mitchell Schnurmans of the elite media world and other apologists wouldn’t like that. Which is a great reason to do it.

Mr. Schnurman is a clever writer. But misleading through omission or manipulation of pertinent facts is just as bad as outright misrepresentation.

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