Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings to Hispanics: “We’re with you” Rawlings may collide not only with President Trump – but also with Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Legislature.

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By Lynn Woolley

Nowhere in this Dallas Morning News article do the words “Sanctuary City” appear.

But what the Mayor of Texas’ third-largest city seems to be saying is similar to what liberal mayors in New York, Chicago, and Seattle have said — that their towns will remain safe sanctuary for people that have entered our country illegally.

Rawlings seems more measured than, say, Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel. rawlings-screen-shot-2013-01-17-at-7-35-03-am

He simply says that his city has Hispanic families’ backs.

Rawlings is a staunch Democrat and a supporter of Hillary Clinton in the recent election. If he elects to keep Dallas as a Sanctuary City, he will collide not only with President Trump – but also with Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Legislature—both of which are sure to implement strict policies on immigration law enforcement. Rawlings may not be able to fight both the federal government – and his own state.

Video: About a year ago, Rawlings expressed his feeling that white shooters are more dangerous than refugees

It’s OK to love Hispanics.

But it’s NOT OK to pander to anyone that has broken our immigration laws.

Rawlings seems interested in trade with Mexico. He even went on a trade mission to Mexico earlier this year, and the newspaper article notes that North Texas has deep ties to Mexico from an economic standpoint. That’s fine if you trade with Mexico and export your products; it’s not so fine if you’re seeing American companies move there for the cheap labor. But it’s up to Rawlings to decide what he wants to do.

It just galls me and it always has that liberals believe there is a class of people – typically Hispanics – who are willing to clean our toilets and make our beds and pick fruit – all for slave wages. These leftists seem to think that “Hispanics” will be happy slaving away at crap jobs for the rest of their lives – and I’ve never thought that. Some day, technology will take all those jobs.

Once humaniform robots that look and act like humans are commonplace, they can pick fruit without food, water, rest – or a paycheck. So these menial jobs will not last forever – and then what?

Naturally, poor Mexicans and others now trying to get into our country by hook or by crook will need a new plan. We ought to start on it now by working with Mexico for reforms – just as Trump wants to do with Cuba.

Video: Texas Governor Abbott (R) On Plans To Ban Sanctuary Cities – Cavuto

Meanwhile, we have laws. Even in Dallas.

It is my hope that big city mayors like Rawlings will realize that they are operating under a Republic – not a city-state. Rawlings and his City Council “run” Dallas only under laws that have been duly passed. Those laws have not been changed because proponents of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” have not been able to garner the votes. If Rawlings wants Dallas to be a Sanctuary City, he needs to work for more votes for his way.

Otherwise, he should run his city under the law as it stands – or he should be charged with aiding and abetting criminal activity and thrown in a cell alongside Rahm Emanuel.


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