The coming Immigration War between Trump & America’s Big Cities Would the Trump administration, or the State of Texas actually arrest an elected official?

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By Lynn Woolley

The sides are lining up. In this corner is President Trump, his acting ICE Director and the State of Texas. In that corner are big city mayors, police chiefs and sheriffs, and the State of California.

The issue is Sanctuary Cities – or an entire sanctuary state in the case of California.

Sanctuary Cities are places where elected public officials openly and routinely aid and abet foreign nationals when they break our immigration laws.

Typically, these officials are left-wingers who choose to ignore the laws rather than seek to change them through the political process. If the United States government has primacy – as the Obama administration argued – then something has to give. Either we enforce these laws, or become a nation of men and not laws. So there’s going to be a war – and it will be fully underway when some mayor or sheriff goes to jail.

Would the Trump administration, or the State of Texas actually arrest an elected official?

That question is key.

Video: Acting ICE director Thomas Homan on FOX News: Sanctuary cities are un-American

Thomas Homan, the Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told FOX News that local officials can’t be allowed to go around federal laws:

“We need to hold these politicians accountable for their actions. This isn’t the America I grew up in. We’ve got to take these sanctuary cities on. We’ve got to take them to court. And we’ve got to start charging some of these politicians with crimes.”

That sounds serious. But no more so than a law passed last year in Texas, banning Sanctuary Cities and making it a crime for police chiefs, county sheriffs, and constables to prohibit their officers from aiding federal immigration authorities.

Photo: KXAN-TV

The new law also has a provision that could put some defiant officials – like Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernández – in jail.

When the jail door slams shut, with someone such as Hernandez inside, the war is fully on.

Big city mayors are not backing down.

There’s something different between left-wingers and right-wingers in how they approach laws they don’t like. Republicans hated Obamacare, and worked within the system to try and repeal it. Democrats don’t care about the system. If they don’t like a law, the simply refuse to enforce it.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is a perfect example. Of the threat of going to jail, he says he has no worries.

“It’s hogwash. No one is going to be arrested, especially here in Dallas. We’re not a sanctuary city. We cooperate with ICE. This is basically rattling a saber to make good sounds bites.”

If Dallas isn’t a sanctuary city, then so be it. But Dallas is as liberal as your typical big city in California and it’s hard imagine the left-wing sheriff, Lupe Valdez, siding with ICE and rule of law on issue of immigration. She’s running for governor, so her record will come out.

Mayor Steve Adler talks about the second draft of CodeNEXT at a news conference at City Hall on Friday September 15, 2017. JAY JANNER / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo brought up state’s rights — a supposed right-wing “dog whistle.” He said the threat of jail time for officials who don’t comply with federal immigration law is an attempt to trample on local rights.

(This is, of course, bull of the highest order. Immigration is rightly a federal issue – as we were told frequently when Obama was in office.)

Perhaps Texas’s goofiest mayor is Steve Adler of Austin. Adler isn’t shy about opposing what he calls …

“…anti-immigrant policies regardless of the personal consequences. Threatening to jail political opponents, especially for laws they aren’t breaking, is not the America I grew up in.”

But it IS the Texas he grew up in. Liberals in the state have gone after Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rick Perry unsuccessfully, and ruined the political career of Tom DeLay. Adler is full of baloney – perhaps he’s addled.

The Trump administration.

When Obama was president, conservatives were told that they could not enforce immigration laws simply because the feds refused to. So by the Constitution and by liberal logic, the Trump administration has the right and the power to enforce these laws.

In a visit to Austin last October, Attorney General Jeff Sessions promised to help Texas with the new Sanctuary Cities Law and to help defend it in court. Sessions also is critical of the new California law that essentially makes the entire state a sanctuary. ICE’s Homan says of the law and California Governor Jerry Brown:”

“If he thinks ICE is going away, we’re not. There’s no sanctuary from federal law enforcement. I’m going to significantly increase our enforcement presence in California.”

The gloves are off.

In Dallas, Mayor Rawlings may be able to show that Dallas is not providing sanctuary. Either it is or it isn’t. But Austin and Travis County as well as the entire state of California is or has been in open defiance of federal laws.

• Can California act as if it is a nation and pass laws in opposition to federal law?
• Will Governor Moonbeam go to jail?
• Can the big cities of Texas run roughshod over Governor Greg Abbott and the rest of the state?
• Will President Trump and ICE start mass deportations?
• Will the Wall be built?
• Will the DREAMERS get their amnesty?
• Will chain migration be abolished?
• Who will be the first Texas public official to go to jail?

Stay tuned! The Immigration War is about to get much hotter!

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