CNN and other Left-Wing media complicit in Border Surge A blue wave with a left-wing takeover of the House and/or the Senate – and there will be no wall.

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By Lynn Woolley

Make no mistake.

Everything that happens over the next couple of weeks is related to the midterm elections. In addition to that, most everything covered by the left-wing media, and in particular CNN, is related to harming Trump in some way.

That’s why it’s suspicious that the latest “record” surge at the border is timed the way it is.

Almost certainly, Trump will get blamed for whatever happens. And this comes in the wake of a fake news story that CNN and all left-wing media participated in – that Trump was separating families of illegal immigrants. That narrative was a set-up to put Trump in a bad light.

CNN during one of its ubiquitous “separation” broadcasts

Now, it’s being used to get more illegals in.

Human smugglers are telling desperate Hondurans and others that Trump isn’t separating families now – but he may again soon. That’s what may be causing the surge.

The “separation” narrative was and is brilliant political strategy.

First note that when an adult commits a crime, and is caught and jailed, he or she is always separated from the children. That’s the nature of crime and punishment.

As producer Lou Ann Anderson says, “When you rob the bank, be sure to bring the children.” By left-wing logic, a bank robber could not be separated from the kids. This is stupid. Stupid! But to the left, it makes sense and it’s a diabolical way to constantly blame Trump.

If Trump doesn’t separate the families (the current policy under his executive order) then catch-and-release will mean that the illegals go free until their court dates, for which they will not show up.

If he goes back to jailing the illegals for breaking U.S. immigration laws, and detaining the children in other facilities, then CNN will dump on him and the ACLU will file suit and Colin Powell will whine like he did on Fareed Zakaria’s show about how cruel Trump is.

Either way, it’s instant fake news for CNN and other left-wing media with an important election coming up and the House of Representatives at stake.

Video: Anti-Trump CNN, on any given night in recent months, is doing what Don Lemon is doing here — ragging on Trump for enforcing immigration laws

Who’s behind all this?

CNN is proudly the leader of the Trump Resistance and has nightly Trump-hate panels. They will run a “separation” story at the drop of a pin – but so will MSNBC and so will the Dallas Morning News with its in-house illegal-alien-apologist Dianne Solis.

As for the influx from Central America and South America, it’s easy to suspect George Soros – but it may just be human traffickers making as much profit as they can.

Here’s the wild card.

I believe that most people that supported Trump were leery of him – but took a chance because of one issue: immigration. These are the “forgotten” people of the heartland who see the country changing in ways they feel the rank-and-file has no say about. They wanted some say.

If the Left opens the borders and tries to change our demographics for political reasons, our country might become a hole like Venezuela or Honduras. A lot of Americans don’t want that. They hired Trump to stop it – and he’s trying to keep the promise while the Left, CNN, and left-wing federal judges try to stop him.

But note this: the elections are coming like a fast freight.

If the so-called blue wave fails to materialize, then Trump will get the Wall. The border will become more secured. Trump will have a mandate to charge illegals for breaking our laws and deport them.

A blue wave with a left-wing takeover of the House and/or the Senate – and there will be no wall. The border will remain leaky if not outright open. America will change rapidly and the new demographics will favor the Left.

This election year, the stakes are high. Your vote – no matter what side you’re on – counts. It will determine whether the Trump agenda moves ahead or whether it’s stopped in its tracks.

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