Children serving as Border Passes for Illegal Aliens Children are once again the pawns in a Democrat scheme to regain power.

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By Lynn Woolley

Children have always been used as pawns for the left-wing agenda.

It’s always cringe-worthy when a Democrat says some liberal policy is “for the children.” They said that when they passed the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which puts the burden of insuring some kids on taxpayers instead of parents. Children are at the heart of the never-ending debate around Roe v Wade in which unborn children give their lives for the cause.

Make no mistake. The cause is power.

Democrats like Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Jesse Jackson were pro-life until radical feminism became a threat to the party establishment.

Now, with the calls to abolish the Immigration & Customs Enforcement, or ICE, children are once again the pawns in a Democrat scheme to regain power. Kids are being used as border passes while left-wing politicians pander.

A child migrant featured at Mother Jones Magazine. (Joseph Rodriguez)

Children at the border are like back-stage passes at a rock concert.

If you want to enter the United States illegally, you used to say you were coming because you wanted to work — take jobs Americans wouldn’t do – and make a better life for your family. That is so three months ago!

Dreaming” – wanting that better life – was the argument in what seems like just days ago. But when waves of unaccompanied children started flowing to the U.S. border, liberals saw opportunity.

Understand that they want open borders as part of a New World Order. The Communist movement within the Party, propagated by Sen. Bernie Sanders and energized by the primary win of 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, envisions a North American Union – essentially borderless, where anyone can come in and apply for welfare and other benefits once reserved for U.S. citizens.

To do this, the left must regain power.

They’ve lost the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate – and the Supreme Court isn’t looking good for them either! They need something to change the zeitgeist. Children always fill the bill.

If you’re illegal, and you want into America, you now need to do two things:

1. Claim asylum.
2. Have a child with you.

That will get you in the door, and, if the Left succeeds, will keep you here until such time as you can vote. The child becomes a ticket to entry and to all the benefits that used to be a safety net for U.S. citizens who were down on their luck.

Imagine, now, how to get a child if you don’t have one.

I can think of several ways. The human traffickers can probably provide one for a fee. If that doesn’t work, a “migrant” can just pluck one from the ranks of all the unaccompanied minors. Kids can be easily “adjusted” with a little physical encouragement – and then, you’re in!

Video: Cuomo Primetime on CNN. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand calls for elimination of ICE

That means ICE has to go. ICE is too good at accomplishing its mission.

This may have started with New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that ICE has become a “deportation force.”

Uh. Isn’t that its mission?

Since ICE is good at doing that, it has to be denigrated and abolished. Then, borders can be opened and anyone can come in, planes can land from any country and all hell will break loose. (This is a good place to mention that if you haven’t read my short story “The Problem With UFO’s,” written in the 70’s but just posted, please pause now and click it, up. It’s quite relevant to the current conversation.)

Video: Fox & Friends. Protesters gather outside U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities across the country to protest the agency’s tactics

Other brainless Democrats jumped on the Gillibrand bandwagon.

Sen. Kamala Harris now says the government should “start from scratch” on immigration. Bernie Sanders – the chief socialist in the United States, noted that he opposed the 2012 (post 9/11) bill that created ICE in the wake of terrorist attacks.

So go ahead and imagine the United States without ICE. It would not be pretty. But using children as pawns for political purposes is not pretty either. Democrats seem to have an inner instinct that kids always play well in political ads – and in protests like the ones that took place across the country over the weekend.

Conservatives warned about the consequences of passing socialized medicine. The Democrats passed it anyway, and it was even worse than the forecast. As bad as the situation was portrayed in my short story (mentioned above), and as crowded as the maternity ward is at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital where anchor babies are routinely born – it can be worse.

That’s why I believe that the Trump immigration plan is absolutely necessary to save this country. Perhaps Mr. Trump should say he’s doing it for the children. That always works for Democrats.

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