America’s future depends on Texas’ Sanctuary City Bill Texas is now the final frontier for holding on to traditional American culture.

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By Lynn Woolley

You heard right.

The future of the United States – and that of the Republican Party are closely tied to the Texas Sanctuary City law.

California has been fundamentally transformed by immigration.


It is essentially a Mexican state. The Golden State has 55 electoral votes that will forever be pledged to the Democrats in every presidential election.

Now imagine if Texas, the second most populous state with 38 electoral votes should also become a Democratic state due to heavy immigration. Republican presidential candidates already start in a hole because of California.

If Texas turns blue, there will never, ever be another Republican president in our lifetimes – and maybe never.

If Democrats ultimately prevail on this issue – and they succeed in using the courts to force more minority congressional districts, the entire country will change.

Democrats whine about “splitting up families” but this is about politics.

It is true that families are split up by deportation. But whose fault is that? When a Mexican woman (or any woman) enters the United States illegally to have a baby, we stupidly grand citizenship to the child. That means the mother is an illegal alien and so is the father, if there is one. But the child is a citizen. Under existing law, the parents are subject to deportation and the child is not. That’s how families get split up. And the parents knew it before they broke our immigration laws.

They count on legendary American compassion to allow the parents to stay – and eventually to bring in the rest of the family. That’s why the child is referred to as an “anchor baby.” It’s a scheme and everybody knows it. Still, Democrats in the Texas Legislature and the Mexican American Hispanic Caucus scream and literally cry at the thought of busting up families.

Video: House Chamber – SB 4 Am 1: Rep. Neave on Her Hunger Fast- April 26, 2017

This is bogus. This is all about emotion. Gatecrashers know this is the case before they sneak in and they do it anyway – then cry when they are deported. It’s sad because children are involved – but, still, that is not the real issue.

Gov. Abbott & Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez (

The real issue is the change in politics and culture brought on by an influx of immigration.

Virtually all nations protect their borders and the cultures. Right now, we are seeing vast changes in Europe because of a mass influx of Muslims unto the EU.

The cultural changes are wreaking havoc on European politics and led to Brexit – the withdrawal of England from the EU.

In America, we’ve always had a safety valve against these types of rapid culture changes. It’s called “assimilation.” Republicans believe in the concept as a value handed down by our Founders. The vast majority of Democrats have eschewed the idea of assimilation, preferring to teach immigrant children in their own language and creating a cottage industry for bilingual teachers.

Video: Fox News interviews Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton about the importance of the Sanctuary City law.

This is dangerous. Texas is now the final frontier for holding on to traditional American culture.

California, as we’ve said, is lost. Gone bye bye. California has considered CalExit – secession from the United States. Note that if that came to fruition, and the 55 California electoral votes were removed from our system, no Democrat would ever be elected president in our lifetimes. It is unlikely that California will leave the union.

Video: Here’s why we miss O’Reilly. Bill and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott expose left-wing Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez—an apparent agent of Mexico.

That means what Texas does is vastly important to all 50 states.

If Democrats succeed in stopping the Sanctuary City Bill, left-wing mayors, police chiefs, and sheriffs can continue to ignore federal immigration laws. They will continue to shield illegal immigrants from deportation.

If the leftist judges that have ruled against some of Texas’ congressional districts succeed in creating minority-safe districts, that means those districts will be drawn so that only Democrats can be elected. That means we’ll have more elected officials sympathetic to the needs and desires of Mexico rather than to those of the United States.

Our Texas elected officials had better not fail us.

If they do, they are failing the entire country. If Sanctuary Cities remain in Texas and if the redistricting lines are changed by these liberal judges, Mexico will continue sending its problems to us – as will other countries south of the border.

Already, there are too many Spanish-speaking people to assimilate, and so the United States has changed for them.

Our culture is not what it was even twenty years ago.

Perhaps, if we’re lucky, the new, emerging multicultural America will be as wonderful as the Democrats tell us it will be. But in a world where major universities have “departments of inclusion” that exist to exclude people who are not politically correct, we may be creating a culture that will destroy the country.

If we’re going to keep the American culture that we’ve developed from the Melting Pot over 200 years –and if we want a viable two-party system, we will have to fight for it.

California has already failed us. Texas had better not.

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