Amber Rice’s killer, Juan Molina, set for deportation Neither ICE nor Gov. Greg Abbott responded to pleas for help from the Rice family.

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By Lynn Woolley

Molina was in the United States illegally, and he was drunk, when he rear-ended the pickup that Ms. Rice and her boyfriend, Michael Dodsen, were driving. Molina fled the scene.

The Rice family worked a plea deal to send Molina to prison for ten years, followed by deportation. 

The Rice family joined State Rep. Hugh Shine at the news conference on 2-24-17. (KWTX-TV Photo by Sam DeLeon)

According to a Jacob Sanchez story in the Temple Daily Telegram, state officials seemed unsure that Amber’s killer would ever be deported.

Amber’s mom, Augusta Rice, tried to contact ICE and Gov. Greg Abbott, but got no response.

That is a crying shame.

ICE is a federal bureaucracy and Abbott is a busy man running the state – but neither have any excuse for their lack of response.

Fortunately, State Representative Hugh Shine stepped up and confirmed that Molina will be deported. Amber would be about 32 years old today – probably married and a mom – except for Juan Molina.

You’ve heard me speak of this case many times.

There are only two cases of death at the hands of illegal aliens that I have a personal interest in. One was the Jenny Garcia Case in Austin. That brutal rape and murder hit home to me when Jenny’s father, Humberto Garcia, a legal immigrant, sat in my studio and wondered why he could get no justice for his daughter in Travis County. Travis County is run by Democrats, of course.

Victor Rice

The Amber Rice case was a special one to me for two reasons.

First, Amber’s dad, Victor, was in my graduating class at Temple High School. He and I discussed the case once, and he thanked me for keeping her story before the public. Tragically, Victor died on February 23, 2014 and he will not see the final chapter of the Molina case.

The other thing is — I always felt that Bell County prosecutors should have gone after the death penalty, but they apparently did what they felt was best to get Molina behind bars.

Molina appeared in court on October 15, 2008 to face the Rice family. Tanya Cooper wrote in the Temple Telegram that it was a somber scene:

Victor Rice glared at the man in the defendant’s chair, his thoughts perhaps interrupted by the occasional sobbing from the 30 people gathered to watch a man be sentenced in the death of Amber Rice of Temple. Amber’s mother broke down and sobbed openly as the man entered the courtroom. Augusta Rice didn’t look at Juan Molina as she wiped the continuous stream of tears that ran down her face. A sibling glanced at him and then quickly looked away. Mike Dodsen, Amber’s boyfriend and the driver of the vehicle where Amber died, held his head in his hands. Molina, 34, of Rosebud, with deputies at his side, walked into the courtroom wearing orange overalls. His attorney and an interpreter accompanied him. Molina took his seat in the courtroom and kept his gaze steadily in front of him.

Now, a decade has gone by and it looks as if Molina can start a new life in Mexico. Amber, who was a senior at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, and who wanted to work with terminally ill patients, never had a chance to complete school, marry her boyfriend, or to become a mother.

Molina is set to be released on June 1.

Molina has been serving time at the Segovia Unit in Edinburg. He now will be picked up by ICE officials and presumably deported. Rep. Shine is to be commended for standing with the Rice family and taking up this cause. Perhaps there will be closure for the Rice family after all.

God forbid something like this should happen to some leftist Democrat.

Let the record show that virtually ALL members of the Democrat Party support illegal immigration and sanctuary city policies. It would be interesting to see if attitudes changed if their families were impacted in the same way as the families of Jenny Garcia and Amber Rice.

For that matter, virtually all big-city newspapers support sanctuary polices and essentially open borders. God save them from the grief that these two families have gone through.

And what of Mexican President Nieto?

It is his country that bears much of the blame for sending their problems north. His smarmy attitude toward President Trump was completely self-serving.

We should note that there are no murders of Mexican citizens in Mexico by Americans that are in Mexico illegally. There are no drunken Americans killing Mexicans in their own country. Nieto can go pound sand.

If President Trump is successful – these killings will stop      .

We have enough criminals in America without importing more. Mexican nationals who want to come here legally through our guest worker programs and are willing to submit to criminal background checks and medical screenings – should be welcome. Come here and work. But come here legally and obey our laws.

Jenny Garcia and Amber Rice are just two reasons why I will never, ever support a liberal Democrat.

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