Weather Channel, Pope pushing Climate Change scare — but why now?

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by Lynn Woolley

Why are we having so much psychobabble from so many sources on the subject of climate change and global warming? Somebody, somewhere has decided the time is NOW to get climate change laws put into effect worldwide.

Maybe it’s because President Obama’s term is winding down, or maybe it’s because Pope Francis has gone political on us. Whatever the reason, everybody wants to get into the act. The latest is the Weather Channel, now featuring a series called “The Climate 25” – videos by prominent people pushing the global warming issue.

Video: Published on Mar 27, 2014. John Coleman was the original meteorologist on “Good Morning, America.” After that Coleman founded and served as CEO and President of the Weather Channel. He is a skeptic.

It may be the success of two other Social Justice endeavors in the United States — nationalized healthcare and gay marriage. The Left is giddy. But these two things happened under the most leftist president in history and his time is short. Progressives see a window to get this done now!

Folks, this is a FARCE!

Like the current incarnation of “diversity,” the climate change scare is produced, directed by and starring the Left. Hollywood buys in. So does academia. The Democrat Party is part and parcel of it. The United Nations is on board. And now, Pope Francis has replaced Al Gore, Jr. as the world’ Number One proponent of income redistribution through climate change.

Something is fishy.

I’m not one to promulgate conspiracies – but, hey, this one is right out in the open. Serious science tells us that we have not been warming much for quite a while. Besides that, not much of anything the Left’s computer models have predicted has come true. They have had to master the art of “substitution” – finding some other explanation to prove what they’ve been telling us.

time_iceage1Remember, this phenomenon has had three names. First it was called “the Coming Ice Age.” That didn’t work, so it changed to the polar opposite: “Global Warming.” But that was a bust, so it became “Climate Change.”

Yes! That works for anything and no more name changes should be needed. Instead of cooling (as we were first told) or warming, “climate change” can mean anything. And that’s the idea. Now, they can pick out ANY weather event and blame it on climate change.

• Hurricane Katrina? Climate change.
• Superstorm Sandy? Climate change.
• Tornadoes in Oklahoma? Climate change.
• Texas Texas floods? Climate change.
• Texas’ long drought? Climate change.

Give the liberals this: It’s a brilliant strategy.

On the third try, they got it right. People could say the earth was not cooling – or warming. But they can’t say that there are no hurricanes, floods, droughts, tornadoes, mudslides, typhoons, melting ice, freezing ice, volcanic eruptions, shark attacks, asteroid fly-bys, and hemorrhoids.

So EVERYTHING is caused by climate change. And a gullible public with heads bowed into cellphones ignorantly sign on. I don’t know how to explain the Pope.

OK, I’ll try to explain the Pope.

I think it is simple. The Pope is not a liberal in the sense that Al Gore is. He has dedicated his life to the principle of helping the poor. He’s already advocated for more recycling, cutting back on the manufacture of ammo, and stopping the use of air conditioning. If the poor are miserable, so should the rich be, too. Not being an Al Gore hypocrite, he has lived a life of poverty.

He’s seen Obama succeed in his income redistribution schemes. Everything Obama does is about moving wealth form point A to point B. The Stimulus sent money to the public service unions. Solyndra, a political crony, got taxpayer cash. Obamacare taxes certain people to move the money to other people in the form of healthcare subsidies. Obama has this down.

The Pope is invested in Social Justice of a more real type that Obama is. The Pope is more Biblical while Obama is more Alinskyite. Climate change is an obvious fraud, but a good way to move the money around from rich nations to poor nations. The eventual goal may be to make all nations equal. Obama would then like to make all the people within all the nations equal except for him and other elites who would be MORE equal.

Climate change is a means to a political end.

The Left believes in it because it can accomplish what they want done. Nobody on the Left asks the tough questions:

• How come the computer models are almost always wrong?
• How come we’ve always had hurricanes and severe weather?
• Can we really affect the climate by selling carbon credits?
• If we bring the average temperature down a full degree – so what?
• Isn’t it really the sun that controls the climate?
• Even if we are warming, will it have much of an effect?
• Wouldn’t warmer weather help with growing crops?
• Why do “juniors” Al Gore and Robert F. Kennedy ride around in jet planes?
• If they’re right – why aren’t we all dead?

Perhaps the biggest mystery of all is this: Whether it’s Gore, Kennedy, the Weather Channel or Pope Francis – why does anybody listen to them? They’ve been wrong every single time.

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