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Dec 4, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Sid Frasier

Terrorism Linked to Climate Change

The term “terrorism” by definition is the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. It is a process to produce the state of fear and submission. It is a terroristic method of governing or imposing a fear oriented belief system on an individual or society. The individuals that promote or carryout terrorism are called “terrorists.”

Sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it?

Well, it gets much more complicated when you understand it in terms of how terrorism is linked to climate change in the political context.

11295541_808863835866805_5480914334305362244_nEven though we associate terrorism with killings, mass murders or a groups of radicals; the process is far more pervasive. When used as a scare tactic to divert attention away from other serious problems, climate change is terrorism and the individuals spreading these lies are terrorists.

Let’s be clear: man made pollution is a serious issue, but there is no credible scientific proof that pollution alters global weather patterns.

Terrorism is more about mind control than imminent danger.

As children, our minds told us there were boogie-men in a dark room, so we were scared until someone turned on the light. Unfortunately, we live in a time where boogie-men do exist and it is important to be vigilant as opposed to paranoid. Once a terrorist has successfully converted the thinking process from rational to emotional; fear, perception, hate, panic, delusion and even violence can be fostered.

Consider Jim Jones, David Koresh, Al Capone and numerous other charismatic leaders that transformed groups of people into believing their teaching.



We have powerful people within our governments that use similar tactics to maintain power, disguise various forms of evil and promote radical agendas.

Due to the fact Climate Change has the attention of people that suffer from droughts, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and various natural disasters; it is being used by terrorists a a tool to promote a threat to be feared without question.

Some of the richest people and organizations on earth are prime contributors to the real problems.

Chemical companies pollute the soil with toxic and carcinogenic sprays. Generic hormone modification threatens our food supply. The use and abuse of prescription drugs with harmful side effects pollutes our bodies. The concentration of humanity called overpopulation creates localized air quality issues unrelated to global climate conditions. The planned obsolescence of billions of pieces of electronic equipment pollutes our landfills and water tables.

Individuals like Bill Gates have addicted people to products that can be rendered useless or perceived outdated by the alteration of software code. While these problems are manageable by man; the hypothetical solution for Global Climate Change is a myth. The fact is: our Creator is in control of the universal thermostat from a position of oversight beyond the comprehension of man.

Terrorists thrive on the destruction of self reliance, ignoring the rule of law, dependence on government, use of divisive tactics, political correctness, unfair rules of engagement, a willingness to create chaos while mastering the art of lying to further their personal agenda. They recruit their followers from the uninformed/uneducated, self proclaimed victims and the preconditioned entitlement seekers. Therefore, climate change is simply another tool in what has become a man made epidemic of terrorism.

Sid Frasier is president of Electronic Assistance Corporation.

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