Survey Says – 64% of Scientists are Global Warming skeptics It appears that climate scientists are not all of a single mind after all.

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By Lynn Woolley

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense.

The Left tells us that most geo-scientists believe that Global Warming is real and that it is caused by humans. That may be true to some extent. But what if you surveyed all the climate scientists to see how serious they actually take the threat?

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The peer-reviewed Organization Studies did that in 2013– with amazing results.

Yes, virtually all of them believe in Global Warming.

But some of them believe it is a naturally occurring event. Some think humans are minimally to blame – and most believe there is no significant public risk.

The survey found four distinct groups of scientists that are outside the 36 percent that believe we are in a crisis. That leaves 64 percent that believe there is no crisis. That leads a Forbes Magazine contributor to conclude that there may be a consensus after all.

This Forbes column is from February 13, 2013. It’s amazing it didn’t make more of a splash when it came out.

A closer look at the survey reveals some amazing attitudes among scientists.

Since climate is a function of the sun and the oceans – and since climate has changed on the Earth for millennia, it’s always seemed odd that upwards of 90 percent of what are referred to as climate scientists would be in the “alarmist” category. The percentage of “science writers” that subscribe to this nutty theory is probably closer to 100 percent.

Seth Borenstein

The Associated Press has several writers that push Global Warming, but none more alarmist than Seth Borenstein who makes big deal out of every little study that confirms his views – along with every zillionth of a degree rise in average temperatures.

I never saw a Borenstein  article about this study.

The information comes from a piece in Forbes Magazine written by James Taylor, president of the Spark of Freedom Foundation. Taylor writes that it is now clear that there may very well be a consensus among climate scientists that there is no danger from Global Warming.

A strong majority of the 1,077 respondents believe that Global Warming both now and into the future will not be much of a problem. How is this possible after what we’ve been told for decades, and what is reported constantly by Borenstein? It’s easy! The details are in the breakdown.

Geo-scientists by percentage.

Remember, this study is peer-reviewed. Besides that, it is logical. It’s never made a lick of sense that visually ALL scientists are in lockstep with the “we are all going to die” scenario. So let’s look at how the study breaks down these scientists’ attitudes:

Delegates celebrated adoption of the Protocol in 1997.

GROUP 1: “Comply With Kyoto.” 36%.

This is the largest group and it is the bunch that Borenstein and his band of merry alarmists quote. It represents the stereotypical left-wing viewpoint. It holds that climate change is real, it’s serious, polar bears are dying, and humans are to blame.

GROUP 2: “Nature is Overwhelming.” 24%.

These scientists believe climate change occurs naturally as part of the earth’s cycle. They see little in the way of public risk and zero impact on their personal lives.

GROUP 3: “Fatalists.” 17%.

This group says that both nature and humans are to blame for climate change. They see some public risk but not much and foresee little impact on their personal lives. They don’t concur that IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) modeling is settled, but instead see bias in the models.

GROUP 4: “Economic Responsibility.” 10%.

These scientists diagnose that climate change is natural or human caused – but mainly, they believe the “real” cause of climate change is unknown. They responded that nature is forever changing and cannot be controlled. As for imminent danger from Global Warming —they do not see it. They see no effect on their personal lives. They do not take the IPCC models as settled. They are concerned that the Kyoto Protocol and other climate regulations may adversely affect the economy.

GROUP 5: “Regulation Activists.” 5%.

This group believes that climate change is both human-caused and natural and that there is a “moderate” public risk. As for their personal lives, they see a slight impact. They are skeptics with regard to the scientific debate being settled and with regard to the IPCC models.

What does this survey mean for the idea of “settled science” on climate change?

Assuming this survey is accurate — and it has a ring of truth to skeptics such as myself — it means that fewer than half of geo-scientists are in synch with the AP’s Seth Borenstein and others who want to redistribute wealth, and tax mightily to abate Global Warming.

In his column, Taylor points out that the people who conducted the survey are themselves alarmists who used terms such as “denier” to describe any scientist that was skeptical. They referred to some of the scientists as “speaking against climate science.” So there appears to have been built-in prejudice against skeptics – and still they revealed that 64 percent of those surveyed believe the science is not settled and that, indeed, the threat is mild or non-existent.

To their credit, they did not quash the survey.

It appears that climate scientists are not all of a single mind after all.

If there is a consensus, it appears to be that Global warming is occurring to some extent but will not affect the planet all that much. So it makes more sense to adapt and focus on clean air and clean water – rather than to redistribute wealth to developing countries, as the Left wants.

All in all, it seems that scientists are smarter than we thought.

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