Dilbert lampoons humorless Climate Change liberals What makes it funny is how Adams strips down long philosophical arguments to the bare essentials.

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May 17, 2017 1 Comment ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

The Sunday “Dilbert” strip of May 14 was laugh-out-loud funny.

Writer and artist Scott Adams had the pointedy-haired boss bringing in a “climate scientist” to explain the risk of climate change to the company. This is just panel 1 – and I’m already splitting my sides.

Liberals were not taking it kindly.

One post on Reddit said:

“Scott Adams went off the deep end a while ago.”

The problem for liberals is that, in two of the 8 panels, Adams’ fictional climate scientist engaged in more truth telling than most of the real ones. The premise of “Dilbert” is a world in which people speak their true feelings without fear of reprisal. Like Democrats.

Scott Adams (Photo: Ben Margot, Associated Press)

So the climate scientist stated plainly that his brethren ignore the research that doesn’t fit the narrative and that the computer models are seldom right. Some posts blamed it on Adams’ lack of scientific credentials.

You know—the strip was funny no matter how you look at it.

The character “Dilbert,” like the strip, questions everything. He is irreverent to his boss, and always sees the fallacies in his company’s strategic plans. All the other characters have much the same attitude.

What makes it funny is how Adams strips down long philosophical arguments to the bare essentials. Thus stated, the resulting dialogue is often hilarious. Why? Because what’s left after the paring is usually the truth. If you’ve read “Dilbert,” you probably shake your head at some of the parallels with your own place of employment.

So when the climate scientist spoke his lines – it was the bare essentials.

The scientist explains how they measure “human activity” and how it will lead to “global catastrophe.” He spouts some mumbo-jumbo about physic and chemistry and how they “measure changes in temperature and CO2 over time.” In short, he sounds like all left-wing climate nuts.

The first zinger comes in panel 6 when he says:

“We put that data into dozens of different climate models and ignore the ones that look wrong to us.”

Oh, yes! That is precisely how many of us “deniers” imagine it goes down. That’s because of the nature of liberalism itself. Stories that do not fit the narrative do not get used. That’s true when the networks run dirt on President Trump and when they work to protect Hillary Clinton.

Zinger #2 comes in panel 7 as Adams pinpoints the problem with “climate science,” having the scientist say:

“Then we take that output and run it through long-term, economic models of the sort that have never been right.”

In the last panel, Dilbert, ever the doubter, exclaims that he may not trust the models. The climate scientist turns ot the boss and asks:

“Who hired the science denier?”

And that, my good folks, is liberalism.

Liberals do not like it when someone dares to disagree.

This episode of “Dilbert” encapsulates the snowflake movement on college campuses, the repudiation of conservative commencement speakers, the one-sided POV of MSNBC (and lately, of CNN), the left-wing push to scrub history and rewrite it according to liberal sensibilities, the insistence that everyone believe that a man can change into a woman and – most of all – that humans are the cause of global warming and we are all going to die.

Scott Adams and “Dilbert” made the Left look as goofy as they are in one simple comic strip.


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  1. John7 says:

    Great Cartoon. So True. Global Warming, Climate Change is a Political Operation.
    People are getting rich or more so.

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