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By Lynn Woolley

Watching the big NBC debate of the three Democratic candidates – it took me about 40 seconds to realize that I exist on a far different plane than they do.

The entire scope of the debate was outside what I consider reality.

Perhaps that’s not surprising since it took place among three confirmed leftists, on the most liberal of the networks, with two left-leaning moderators, a liberal analyst handling the breaks – and at a time when the DNC was hoping no one would watch. The content was otherworldly. Not much about the nation’s number one issue with voters – Islamic terrorism. Democrats deny it exists. Instead we got Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders fighting over who would yank Second Amendment rights the most — and how to pull off a total government takeover of healthcare.

O'Malley, Clinton & Sanders debate on Planet Democrat (NBC News)

O’Malley, Clinton & Sanders debate on Planet Democrat (NBC News)

This looked like the “loser“ debate to me.

Climate Change is real to democrats. Islamic terrorism is not.

NBC ran an annoying video about the dangers of Climate Change and had the candidates comment. There was some talk of terrorism but not much, and you’ll never hear Democrats calling it what it really is. That’s what it’s like on Planet Democrat.

As it happens, there is a current political cartoon by Dana Summers that sums it up pretty well. The cartoon features a Democrat yelling at a Republican who is yelling back. Both are screaming the word “DENIER!” The Democrat is holding a paper entitled” Climate Change.” The Republican’s paper says “Islamic terrorism.” That, folks, is exactly how it was at this debate. Climate Change was king and Islamic terrorism was no big deal.

Dana Summers - Tribune Content Agency

Dana Summers – Tribune Content Agency

So what did they argue about?

Gun control was first and foremost with Hillary charging that Sanders is in the pocket of the national Rifle Association. Sanders retorted that he has accumulated a record of D-minus form the NRA. This is a beautiful thing since either of them would have to make a quick turnaround once nominated. As a whole, the American people will never vote for a presidential candidate that they think will take away their guns.

Second, they argued over Wall Street. Sanders says he’d be tough on the financial sector while Hillary is owned by them because of the steep fees she was paid for her speeches by big financial companies. Sanders won that round because Hillary had nowhere to hide.

Then, they got to Obamacare. Hillary sent her daughter, Chelsea, out to charge that Sanders would dismantle Obamacare. Hillary has fallen in love with it. In fact, she wants the black vote so badly that she has fallen in love with ALL of Obama’s ideas. She could not have made that plainer.

For his part, Sanders loves nationalized healthcare too. So he actually wants to take Obamacare to its logical end. Healthcare under him would become a right and we’d get rid of all the insurance companies and have single payer system all under government control. (Perhaps abolishing all the insurance companies and putting thousands of people out of work would be disastrous to the economy, but Sanders hasn’t yet thought of that. At any rate, they’d still have a right to health insurance.)

Video: January 17, 2016: Top moments from the debate on Planet Democrat.

The elephant in the room…

…was Bill Clinton. Sanders called Bill’s sexcapades “deplorable,” but said he wants to focus on issues and not Bill’s sexual appetite. Clinton kept a poker face during this exchange. What else could she do?

About this time, Breitbart went with an article gleaned from an Aaron Klein interview with former White House staffer Linda Tripp who served under George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton and who was instrumental in revealing the President’s sexual dalliances with Monica Lewinsky. The headline of the story says a lot:

“Linda Tripp: “Bill had affairs with thousands of women.”

“Thousands?” We doubt it. Hundreds, maybe. Dozens, quite believable. Tripp also said that had she not revealed what she did, the Clintons might have arranged an “accident” and they might not still be alive.

That’s quite an accusation, but we are talking about the Clintons. The quest for power, money, and women has always been at the forefront for the Clintons – and in this current campaign, we see nothing to indicate that they have reformed.

Most TV viewers were not on Planet Democrat Sunday night.

Early numbers show a 7.2 household rating. That means about 93 percent of households were not tuned in. That’s what DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was hoping for. She is in the tank for Clinton and knows that the more people that see Hillary, the more they vote some somebody else.

[UPDATE: Nielsen now says the debate on NBC delivered about 10.2 million viewers + streaming & a later rerun on MSNBC. Click here for the story.]

Besides, a lot of the garbage spewed by the Democrats while they were in this alternate reality on Sunday night will have to be rescinded if they want to win the general election. The fewer viewers the better.

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