What Constitution? Obama prepares to self-legislate on Climate Change

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Nov 12, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

The Constitution will not stop him. obama-signs

Neither will the election results that rejected his policies. Nor will the fact that much of America is in a winter deep-freeze. The Obama administration has prepared a series of climate change laws that Obama will pass with his pen and his phone. They will be sweeping and they will be large beginning with a December first order to tighten limits on ozone. While in Beijing, Obama has committed to a deal for the U.S. and China to curb carbon emissions – a deal that greatly favors the Chi-Coms. And later this month, we’ll find out how many billions Obama will pledge to developing nations to deal with global warming. If you had any thought that Obama would back off from his far left ideology because he was repudiated at the polls, forget it.

And experts say there’s not much Congress can do about it.

But why not? The constitutional separation of powers clearly gives Congress the exclusive power to legislate. Somehow, we have gotten away from that concept. Obama has simply assumed powers that he does not have.

It has always seemed to me that the Congress has rolled over and played dead when it comes to executive orders. Again, why? The Constitution gives the Congress certain powers – and with them come responsibilities. By allowing the presidency to take over those powers, Congress is upsetting a delicate balance that has preserved our republic for over two hundred years.

Question: Why should anyone pay attention to Obama’s “laws” when he makes them up out of thin air with nothing sent over for him to sign? The John Birchers talk about “nullification.” All right. Here’s where it might be tried. A thesis: If Obama does not have the constitutional power to make law (something I’ve grown up believing), then it should be a simple matter to declare his overreaching E-O’s null and void. We should simply ignore them.

But is it that simple? Obama has his people in power, and they will implement his will. Congress can only turn off the funding. And it should. But the states will also have to “nullify” and they will have to put lawyers to work. Perhaps the Supreme Court, which itself assumed legislative powers in the Obamacare case, should step in.

Do we have a three-tiered government or not? Can Chief Justice John Roberts change a duly passed law so that it may be ruled constitutional – or can’t he? (He, of course, did just that.) Can Obama write and pass laws by himself? These are questions of some consequence.

Meanwhile, page 3B of Tuesday’s (11/11) Waco Tribune-Herald caught our eye. It contained two stories, one atop the other. The top headline ran:

“Wintry weather hits Rockies, Upper Midwest.”

The other headline read:

“Global warming worsening waterway dead zones, study finds.”

That just about says it all. Seth Borenstein’s story about yet another liberal “study” finding more global warming stands in stark contrast to the reality of much of the country waking up to over a foot of snow. The layout person at the Waco Trib must have had a good laugh when composing this page.

And our President is about to pass laws, on his own, to solve a problem that quite obviously does not exist.

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