Climate Scientists use Adjustments to show Global Warming The “scientific consensus” on Global Warming is starting to break down.

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Jul 6, 2017 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

You’ll note that from time to time we get stories from the Associated Press blabbering on about how the current year is the warmest on record. We’ve pointed out that these average temperature readings are usually “the warmest” by some negligible fraction of a degree.

Now, a new peer-reviewed study indicates even that may be false data.

 The Daily Caller reports that the study looked at data from NASA, NOAA, and the UK’s Met Office – all of which make adjustments to the reading they take.

Most of the surface temperature adjustments add cooling to past readings – and warming to current readings. Therefore, we get constant stories of “warmest year on record.” The story quotes Joe D’Aleo, who participated in the study, saying:

“Nearly all of the warming they are now showing is in the adjustments.”

This is why we should be climate skeptics.

You can read the study here.

The “scientific consensus” on Global Warming is starting to break down.

Yes, the earth gets hot in the summer.

That’s never been in question – particularly if you live in Texas or Southern California. But there’s always this nagging suspicion in one’s mind that the Left consciously selected a natural occurring phenomenon – seasonal warming – and, using alarmism, changed it into a threat that can only be solve by redistribution of wealth.

This particular study casts doubt on the science underpinning the Environmental Protection Agency’s justification to regulate greenhouse gasses. In fact, the study says that authority “is invalidated.” This study will be used by conservative groups in future petitions to the government – and possibly in lawsuits.

None of this is to say we should not take climate science seriously.

The earth does change – and always has. If it’s going to be hotter, we should plan for it and adjust our lifestyles accordingly. If shorelines are receding, then we should make allowances when we build houses and shopping centers.

What this study does is cast doubt on the alarmism that the Left uses to scare people into agreeing with political actions that (for some reason) always advance the agenda of the Left.

The bottom line of this study is that adjustments to scientific data are often necessary to correct certain biases such as increases in population, and maybe solar activity. The study found that the great preponderance of the adjustments made by NASA, NOAA and the like were almost always in the direction of greater warming.

Just as many of us have always suspected.

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  1. don76550 says:

    It seems I read an article that the country of Greenland was named that because many many years ago it had a far warmer climate and was a great place to grow crops. Environmental whackos never seem to mention that. Also the earth was far warmer in the pre industrial age, another fact environmental whackos gloss over with their bogus data.

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