Climate Change Liberals seeking ways to Force you to Believe The Left is edging, dangerously, into Orwellian concepts of thought control.

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By Lynn Woolley

We live in the snowflake era, so it’s no surprise that left-wingers have no tolerance for opposing viewpoints. But what if they could literally force you to believe in such things as Global Warming? Thought processes on the Left are headed that way – and who knows what other issues they might try to force the rest of us to believe?

Stevie Wonder at “Hand In Hand” on 9/12/17

Can they actually control thought with legislation?

If so, we all may soon be warmers, pro-abortion, anti-gun, big government socialists. We may ALL be yelling – tear down those statues!

On the other hand, I have yet to meet the conservative that is into thought control like the libs are.

Whether you’re a Deplorable or a Bitter Clinger, you tend to believe that the facts are on your side, and you’re willing to make cogent arguments for what you believe.

The Left is edging, dangerously, into Orwellian concepts of thought control. 

What would the libs use force of law to have us believe?

The Washington Times carries a story about increasing voices on the left calling for incarceration for climate deniers – especially those who are elected officials. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

“Climate change denial should be a crime,” declared the Sept. 1 headline in the Outline. Mark Hertsgaard argued in a Sept. 7 article in the Nation, titled “Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us,” that “murder is murder” and “we should punish it as such.”

Wait! This is a free country. Or not. Here’s another nutcase, quoted by the Times:

Brad Johnson, executive director of Climate Hawks Vote, posted last week on Twitter a set of “climate disaster response rules,” the third of which was to “put officials who reject science in jail.”

It seems to be a reaction to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma that has caused this surge in totalitarianism on the Left. Click on the Times article and you’ll see that the calls go on and on.

“Hand In Hand” goes Wellstone on us.

“Hand In Hand” is the big celebrity telethon that ran on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC the night of September 12, and raised pledges of about $44 million dollars for hurricane relief. Paul Wellstone was a U.S. senator from Minnesota who was killed in a plane crash in 2002. He was a well known “progressive,” and his memorial service turned into a far-left political rant.

Liberals cannot resist this type of thing. Any TV camera, or microphone has become an opportunity for left-wing preaching and/or Trump bashing.

So last night, I tuned in as Little Stevie Wonder was singing, “Lean On Me” — a great Bill Withers song, and I missed his little speech before the performance.

Video: Wonder makes his speech — and ruins it at the end.

Here’s what I missed:

“Anyone who believes that there is no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent.”

What I believe is not the issue.

The issue is that Wonder used a fundraiser with time provided by the four networks to preach liberal othodoxy. But, as I said, I missed that. The next thing I saw was a talented black man standing next to a white country singer, and they were doing Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me.” The symbolism was obvious. A smooth, soulful singer alongside a twangy country guy – standing by each other in support of fellow Americans that need help. I was touched.

Then Beyonce came on.

She is pretty. She is talented. She talked about Houston wards and River Oaks and how the hurricane was no respecter of class. Great! So far so good!

Video: Beyonce’s speech at Hand In Hand

But then she went Wellstone on us:

“During a time when it’s impossible to watch the news without seeing violence or racism in this country – just when you think it couldn’t possibly be worse, natural disasters take precious life, do massive damage, and forever change lives. The effects of climate change are playing out around the world every day.”

Houston has famously eschewed race in any of its dealings with the aftermath of Harvey. We all shed tears over the tragic story of the little black girl that survived by clinging to the body of her drowned mom. “Big Time” A.J., a frequent caller to Sean Hannity’s Show and mine, called to say that he saw no indication of the presence of race as he worked to help people who were hit hard in the Bayou City. He said it was people helping people. Period.

Not to Beyonce. And it’s sad that her world is all racist and she has to spend so much time (while flying to her next gig) worrying about climate change.

That’s when I switched back to “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Tucker is all about confronting liberalism. I need that to maintain my sanity. I need to know that someone besides me sees the lunacy of the Left.

I didn’t go back to the “Hand In Hand” show. But I checked out all the Cable News nets. Tucker was doing his regular thing. CNN was still on the scene covering Hurricane Irma. MSNBC was doing “Russian Collusion” wall to wall. They had Trump convicted and on his way to prison.

Video: A clip form the Paul Wellstone funeral in 2002 that turned into a left-wing political rally

Over on the four big networks, leftists were doing a good thing in a bad way.

I have helped the victims in my way – and I might have been convinced to call in a pledge. But after hearing what Beyonce said, my good feeling about this event evaporated like a drop of water under a hot December sun after climate change. Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, and (I presume), others ruined the event for me – and probably for millions of Trump voters who might have donated.

If these leftists have their way, they can legally punish me for being a climate denier.

If they succeed, they might use the legal system to force me – and you – to support abortion, and diversity, and gun control, and every other left-wing idea they subscribe to. We can only hope that someday, in our major cities, policemen don’t come knocking on our door saying:

“We have reason to believe that you may be a Russian Collusion denier. Is there anyone else in your household that believes this way?”

I’ll take that trip downtown – in cuffs if I have to – before I will believe the crap that liberals are trying to force on me.

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