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BOOK REVIEW: “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming”

by Lynn Woolley

The title of this book [1] caught our eye.

http://www.wbdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/LM-2-4-16.mp3 [2]

why_scientists_-_front_cover-260 [3]We are told on a daily basis that “97 percent” of climate scientists agree [4] that man-made climate change will doom the world within a generation. But since nothing the scientists predict ever comes true – and they keep pushing the climate doomsday farther out – we’ve wondered if the vast majority of scientists really believe it.

This new book from the Heartland Institute [5] debunks the idea of consensus totally.

Written by three insider Ph.D.’s, it “comprehensively and specifically” rebuts the surveys and studies used to support claims science is of one mind.

It goes on to summarize the evidence proving that there is disagreement – and then it explains why the scientists disagree. This book is useful if you’re tired of explaining to your low-information friends why climate change is a fraud.

Challenging the liberal media.

This book from the Heartland Institute is a direct challenge to the prevailing and sacrosanct narrative in ALL major news media and in academia.

A Heartland Institute billboard [6]

A Heartland Institute billboard

That narrative comes in three parts:

1. Climate Change is real.
2. Climate change will destroy the earth and kill us all.
3. 97% of all climate scientists are in agreement.

It’s all bull. It’s always been bull. The Heartland Institute is pushing back. On our radio show, we interviewed editor Joseph L. Bast [7], president of the Institute. We discussed the theme of the book:

“Probably the most widely repeated claim in eh debate over global warming in that 97 percent of scientists agree that climate change is man-made and dangerous. This claim is not only false, but its presence in the debate in an insult to science.”

This is heady stuff. This book, written by Craig D. Idso [8], Robert M. Carter [9], and S. Fred Singer [10], explains that what you’re being told in the mainstream media and by politicians like President Barack Obama is an outright fraud.

Joseph Bast [11]

Joseph Bast

Folks, this is the biggest scandal in the history of news media.

Media has messed up in the past. It’s missed big stories. It’s faked stories. But never has it been complicity — as an entire industry – with corrupt politicians that spread fear about a non-issue such as climate change for purely political reasons.


Conservative media like FOX News (most of the time) and Talk Radio have tried to break through and tell the truth. It’s difficult to do when the news industry is in the tank and schools and colleges are teaching climate change as fact.thepausecon_scr [12]

Paul Krugman [13] is, perhaps, the best example of climate change fraud in media.

Krugman is what passes for an “economist” in the op-ed section of the New York Times. He is totally committed to the climate change narrative. In his latest column [14], he writes:

“Last year was the hottest on record, by a wide margin, which should – but won’t – put an end to climate deniers’ claims that global warming has stopped.”

I asked Joseph Bast about this statement. Yes, he said, last year was a warm year due to El Nino [15], but the claim of “hottest on record by a wide margin” is ludicrous. These “wide margins” liberals bring up are actually tenths of a degree or even hundredths of a degree.

And as for the so-called “pause” in global warming,” [16] Bast says it’s true.

We now have a book – by scientists – that exposes this fraud in both science and media. Your humble writer predicts that someday – when all the doomsdays have come and gone, and earth is still green and thriving – we will look back on the climate change scare and wonder how we could have possibly believed it.

There will be more books like this one. And someday, even newspapers and the national networks will report the truth.