Census Citizenship Controversy is all about Power Borders, unborn babies, guns and even the weather are all politicized so why not the Census?

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By Lynn Woolley

You may be wondering why a simple question about citizenship would be controversial.

It shouldn’t be.

The Framers mandated a census so that we’d know the makeup of the country – and how many of us are here. It’s in Article 1, stating:

“Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States … according to their respective Numbers…”

No mention of citizenship, but wasn’t that a given?  

Associated Press

Not to Democrats who seek funding or political power – things we use the Census numbers to determine. For example, if we count illegal aliens as if they were citizens, then areas with heavy concentrations get more federal grants.

But they may also get additional seats in Congress — virtually all of which will be filled by Democrats. California may have up to 6 House districts based on illegal populations – and could get more.

The states of Texas, New York, and Florida all have one additional seat due to non-citizen apportionment.

Think about the extra political influence of left-wing California due to apportionment.  

Bet O’Rourke (Photo: Yi-Chin Lee, Chron Staff)

Last time around (2010), we assigned the number of House districts based on total population – citizens, legal residents, and illegals. According to the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR), that gave the Golden State 6 House districts it would not have if we apportioned by citizenship.

From this, there are a number of things we can deduce:

• States with large populations of non-citizens will attain greater political influence.
• Such states will also draw more federal funding for such things as housing, transportation, and other local needs.
• Extra House seats will almost always be occupied by leftists.
• All 50 states will be impacted by the fact that Democrats have these additional votes in the United States House.

The census should not be political. But, what isn’t?

Borders, unborn babies, guns and even the weather are all politicized so why not the Census? Here’s a look at how this happened, and who’s doing what.

Three U.S. senators asked the Trump administration to add the question so that we’d get more accurate data on the number of citizens living in the country. Republican Sens. Ted Cruz (TX), Jim Inhofe (OK), and Tom Cotton (AR) said this is a statement:

“It is imperative that the data gathered in the census is reliable given the wide-ranging impacts it will have on U.S. policy.”

True, true. So who could argue with that? Democrats can. And they are.

Here’s what Beto O’Rourke, who’s running to unseat Cruz, said:

“For El Paso, for Houston, for every community across our defining border state, that means a loss of millions in resources for healthcare, public education, infrastructure and transportation, disaster relief and preparedness, and the distribution of billions in federal funds critical projects in Texas.”

So it’s about the money.

Beto’s position is that if we count non-citizens, including illegals, we can get more money that we don’t have from a federal government that is $21 trillion in debt. And a lot of that money will go directly to benefit non-citizens. Makes sense if you’re a leftist. But he wasn’t done yet.

“[It will] work in tandem with gerrymandering to erode the voting rights in our state and threaten our representation in the federal government.”

So it’s about political power for Democrats.

You never hear anyone, ever, say that voting strength of multi-generational U.S. citizens should be protected. But our boy Beto is concerned that people who sneak in here from Mexico and other places have representation so they can get stuff from taxpayers in a country that is in a pretty deep debt hole.

Video: FOX News reports on Becerra’s lawsuit

California files suit.

The state of California is teeming will illegals and other non-citizens, so it has the most to lose from going to a citizen-based apportionment. Because of its sanctuary policies, much of California has become a hellhole – and Callie just can’t afford to give anything up.

So left-wing nutcase Attorney General Xavier Becerra is suing the Trump administration. Officials from New York, and New Jersey are joining in. In an op-ed, Becerra, who rarely makes any sense, stated that this is:

“…an extraordinary attempt by the Trump administration to hijack the 2020 census for political purposes.”

Becerra is full of crap, but you can see his point.

Unless we apportion by ALL people in California and not just citizens, his state loses 6 and maybe more seats in Congress. De-powering California would restore some sanity to the political process, especially in the area of immigration, but that’s not what Becerra wants. He’s working to turn California into Mexico.

Video: Becerra’s annoucement

The NAACP files suit.

This group, based on identity politics (not civil rights as it used to be) is charging that the new question will cause a massive undercount of African Americans. Note that the NAACP has never worried that abortion causes a lot fewer African Americans. The NAACP used to stand for something. Not anymore.

Latino advocates call on Greg Abbott to save Texas from the Trump administration.

They want the Texas governor to join other states in suing to keep the offending question out of the 2020 Census for the apparent reason that illegals may be afraid to answer it. That’s even though the question would be asked by census-takers, and not ICE officers. Nobody is going to be deported by the U.S. Census Bureau — but it is useful to the Left for people to think so.

Rep. Cesar Blanco (D-El Paso) notes that Texas received $43 billion in 2015 based on census-guided data and stands to lose up to 3 congressional districts if the state’s population is not accurately counted. Abbott has not commented as of this writing, but the chance of him joining then suit are slim to none.

Go ahead. Ask the question.

Remember, all this hoopla is over a simple question, asking people whether they are citizens. Remember, too, that we are a nation deep in debt, and we need to be thinking about how to stop spending – not about how to make sure the federal spigot stays on.

And we need to knock California down a notch.


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