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California Collusion: Communists OK in Sacramento

May 9, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley Democrats are the strangest people. In Washington they are all about hating Russia and its communist government for allegedly colluding with the Trump campaign. But in California, …

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‘Sabotage Mansion’ Is What the Trump Officials Must Fight Instead of Recusing and Resigning

Mar 3, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack There is NO evidence that anyone from the Donald Trump campaign colluded with the Russians in last year’s election. Yet, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from …

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Obama sets up anti-Trump Insurgency with Jeff Sessions as Target

Mar 2, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley Is the Attorney General of the United States a traitorous liar who conspired with the Russians to elect President Trump? That is what the Democrat Party would …

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The ‘SWITCH’ Question NO Liberal Can Answer in a Debate

Feb 7, 2017 1 Comment ›› admin

By Ben Barrack While debating the liberal husband of a family friend, I again stumbled onto the question no liberal can answer; at least non consistently. That question? When did …

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ISCARIOTISM – The Democrats’ Favorite ‘ISM’

Feb 3, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack Pick any left-wing program you want and you will find similarities to Judas Iscariot, the great betrayer, In the Gospel of John. You might think that ISCARIOTism …

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Globalist Who Wants to Lead Germany, Says Trump ‘UN-AMERICAN’

Feb 1, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack What would you say if a socialist, globalist called Donald Trump ‘un-American’? I don’t know about you but that’s music to my ears. Whenever such a person …

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Obama muted on Castro legacy; Trump does not hold back

Nov 28, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley In typical Obama form, the President of the United States reacted to the death of the brutal Cuban dictator with a mash-up of words designed to protect …

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EXCLAMATION Point Put on Castro’s Death at NFL GAME

Nov 27, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack This Thanksgiving week, San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick was confronted by Miami Herald sports reporter Armando Salguero. In the exchange, Salguero challenged Kaepernick over the quarterback’s …

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Lennonism pits the People against the Elites

Oct 4, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley What’s good for government is not always good for the people. That’s the conflict in what writer Michael Barone labels “Lennonism” – named after the late Beatle …

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Imagine If “Imagine” Came True

Oct 4, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

CLASSIC COLUMN By Lynn Woolley This column was written on September 9, 2001. Every now and then, some sweet, beautiful young thing is interviewed by a middle-aged host at the …

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