Why it will take a Constitutional Amendment to get Term Limits

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Apr 8, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Sid FrasierNo professional politicians

Term Limits Feared by the Establishment

George Washington wisely established an informal precedent of a two-term limit for the Presidency—a tradition that prevailed until Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency, after which the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1951 formally establishing in law the two-term limit.

Unfortunately, this Amendment fell short of providing a more complete method of comprehensive purification of the federal government because it wasn’t extended to the legislative, judicial nor other agencies. If fact, career politicians and entrenched federal officials dominate the federal government system.

Sen. John McCain has filed for a 6th term.  If he wins and serves it out, he would be in office for 36 years.

Sen. John McCain has filed for a 6th term. If he wins and serves it out, he would be in office for 36 years.

Here is a list of Senators and Representatives that remained in power over 36 years.

Cant do this foreverSo you might ask: why didn’t the Constitutional provision include lawmakers, federal judges and other agency officials?

The justification was that no other single official had the powers granted to the President and the people by virtue of the electoral process would control the tenure of these individuals. Common sense however, indicates the purposeful exclusion of sub-level term limits is predicated on a fear by the “Establishment” that their collective power and influence would be restricted by forcing a change of the old guard.

It has been proven that individuals elected to positions of power for long periods of time tend to forget the people they represent.

Due to the nature of perks provided by influence peddlers, it is understandable that they would not choose to limit their own tenure. Then there is the matter of ‘cronyism.’ This is the practice of joining forces with colleagues to support or destroy initiatives. This tends to be self serving as opposed to being in the best interest of the general welfare. It is no surprise that entrenched officials develop agendas that tends to ensure their ability to remain in power. Have you ever wondered how so many career federal bureaucrats go from a meager net worth to multimillionaires?Diapers and politicians

The establishment government official would argue their knowledge, influence and objectives are critical to the stability of the country.

However most educated people would agree, voters often do not even know what these people do much less have any control over this power structure.

This is precisely why the country is in the mess it’s in today.

The people in power artistically craft their words as a deception of their real motives. They use the tax payer entitlements to woo large special interest groups. They have access to huge sums of money to promote themselves and destroy their competition. The motivation for ongoing power also breeds corruption, conflicts of interest, and back door deals that have evolved into a standard operating procedure that is practiced by both political parties. Read the book Extortion by Peter Schweitzer to understand more about how this system really works.

According to OpenSecrets.org over 85% of incumbents are re-elected. Is this because they are doing such a great job, is this because the average person doesn’t care who is elected, is this because they are endorsed by people and organization that stand to gain from their reelection, is it because it’s simply convenient to elect the same people over and over again? Are we such creatures of habit, we reject the notion there are more qualified people that would welcome the opportunity serve as intended without career objectives?

Kick them outCan we realistically expect “a pack of foxes to guard the hen house?”

In order to correct this oversight a Constitutional Amendment will be necessary as it is certain the people in power cannot be trusted to restrict there time in office. In Texas an Article V Convention of States is being discussed that would address this very issue… if you want to see change support this initiative and contact you State Senator or Representative.

Sid Frasier is president of Electronic Assistance Corporation.

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