When It Comes to Benghazi, Trey Gowdy is Either PLAYING BALL or POKER with the Establishment

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Mar 8, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

If you believe former U.S. prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, the House Select committee on Benghazi is either a Republican establishment exercise designed to appease conservatives, an exercise in incompetence, or both. Either way, McCarthy makes it clear how disturbed he is by how Chairman Trey Gowdy is conducting the investigation.



In the macro, the reasons given by McCarthy are centered around the slow pace of the committee. Anecdotally, he says, the existence of the private Hillary Clinton emails have been known to Gowdy’s committee for several months and that the logical question is:

Why is their existence just now becoming known?

An alternative explanation was given by partisan, left-wing reporter Chuck Todd, who says the delay was the result of negotiations between Team Clinton and the Committee. Implied but not stated is that Gowdy was giving Clinton the opportunity to relinquish the emails on her own.

This is not the first time McCarthy has been extremely critical of how Gowdy has handled the Committee’s business. Last October, after the first official hearing, McCarthy called out Gowdy’s prosecutorial manhood, suggesting that the Chairman had a wide-open bite at the apple but whiffed. At issue for McCarthy was the fact that after the witness declined to answer a question about why the U.S. was in Benghazi because he wasn’t in the capacity at the time, Gowdy should have done what prosecutors do:

When a knowledgeable witness refuses to answer a critical question, the interrogator does not just let him off the hook. The witness gets grilled: Isn’t it a fact that the policy was X?

Gowdy did not grill Starr. And Gowdy — the chairman who has access to the intelligence the committee has been gathering for five months, the accomplished prosecutor who is not fool enough to ask a key question to which he did not know the answer — did not fill in the information gap. He abruptly ended the hearing, content to leave the policy shrouded in mystery.

Inherent in McCarthy’s critique was a premise that if Gowdy was as good as he’s believed to be, he would have done so. The only logical conclusion one can draw is that McCarthy believes Gowdy committed an error a seasoned prosecutor simply doesn’t commit or the fix is in. Below is the exchange in question, cued up to start at the moment highlighted by McCarthy. At any point, after the witness said he didn’t know the reason for a U.S. presence in Benghazi, Gowdy could have said something like:

“Is it true that we were in Benghazi to gather weapons and ship to the Syrian rebels?”

As you can see, that is not what Gowdy did:

Let’s not forget that Senator Rand Paul raised the issue of weapons trafficking out of Libya when Secretary Hillary Clinton testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in early 2013. Why didn’t Gowdy take this one step further last September?

If you’re inclined to believe Chuck Todd’s explanation for the delay for the release of Hillary Clinton’s private email habits when Secretary, then you might say that Gowdy was sending another signal by refusing to ask a question everyone in the know expected him to ask.

Then again, as has been reported at WB Daily, there are legitimate concerns about the makeup of the Committee. In particular, the background of Executive Director Philip Kiko raises a few red flags. To a lesser degree, so does the appointment of Lt. Gen. Dana Chipman as Chief Counsel. The extent of the relationship between Chipman and Chairman of the Join Chiefs Martin Dempsey, who was a key military figure during the Benghazi attack, should be thoroughly vetted. It may have been but the results have not been made public.

We also have the matter of Obama telling CBS News that he learned about Hillary’s private emails only after Gowdy’s committee released that information publicly. That would mean that Gowdy has the ability to keep secrets from Obama that would harm Obama.

Then again, do you really believe this?

Here is the video of Gowdy’s press conference this week, at which he officially announced his committee’s knowledge of Hillary’s private email accounts:

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