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Jun 27, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

A man running for public office was in trouble. He needed the help of Democratic voters, many of whom had no idea there was an election or what they were voting for. Without someone getting them to turnout, this man would lose the election. With them, he could win but he would also be beholden to the man who organized those voters.

The night Moscone owed Jim Jones.

The night Moscone owed Jim Jones.

No, I’m not talking about Thad Cochran; I’m talking about the man who would become mayor of San Francisco in 1975 – George Moscone.

The man whose help Moscone desperately needed was Jim Jones, a Marxist preacher who led the mass suicide of his cult and is responsible for the murder of the only U.S. Congressman who died in the line of duty – Leo Ryan.

Moscone, the Democrat was running against trusted Republican conservative John Barbagelata.

Jones had members of his Peoples Temple bused in from Los Angeles and Ukiah to knock on doors and get people to vote for Moscone. Vicky Moore, a one-time member of Peoples Temple later said:

“We got out [of the buses] and went door to door, passing out leaflets, telling people where to vote. I woke up when I started doing things like that, because I didn’t know enough about Moscone to tell you which side of the street he lived on. All I was doing was mimicking what Jim said about him. I did it because… Jones said Moscone represented the cause, whatever the cause was.” – Unsung Davids, pp. 134-135

Moscone won by 4000 votes and would not have been elected if not for Jones. In a form of payback, Moscone appointed Jones to the San Francisco Housing Authority and later as chairman after Moscone enlisted the help of State Assemblyman Willie Brown to push a bill that allowed Moscone to do it.


This is the dangerous game that the Republican establishment – to include the likes of Karl Rove – is playing. This is not to say that whoever organized these black Democrats with a racist flyer is an insane mass murderer but payback will be expected and one thing is guaranteed about that payback. Whatever it is will not be in the best interest of Republican voters.

In an op-ed, Rove praised Cochran and admitted to donating to Cochran’s campaign:

These organizational efforts paid off, with turnout increasing in counties Mr. Cochran carried in the first round at about twice the rate as turnout rose in counties Mr. McDaniel won. (Full disclosure: I donated to Mr. Cochran’s campaign and the super PAC that I help, American Crossroads, donated to Mississippi Conservatives in the primary and runoff.)

Some new runoff voters were blacks drawn to the polls by an anti-tea-party message, others were Republicans who had taken the first round for granted, believing that Mr. Cochran would win handily. Mr. McDaniel cannot complain about crossover voting since he participated in the 2003 Democratic primary.

If you thought you had trouble with establishment politicians like Lindsey Graham, John McCain and John Boehner doing things that run counter to your principles, just wait until you see what happens if Cochran is re-elected.

In an article entitled, Thad Cochran owes Mississippi Democrats; Here’s how he can repay the debt by Jim Newell at the far left-wing rag Salon, Newell enumerates his wish list. After doing so, Newell sets the proverbial journalistic threat:

A longtime friend of Cochran wrote an interesting essay in Politico earlier this week describing the senior senator as the “last Southern gentleman” in a Republican Party that’s been taken over by politicians who run hot. We’ll see how true that is. Because a gentleman wouldn’t turn his back on those who’ve saved him.

Like a desperate alcoholic who was down on his luck, Cochran’s people did what desperate people do and it’s never without consequence.

He will become beholden to a Democratic Party with a loan shark mentality.

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