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May 28, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

The act of projection is an interesting phenomenon. When it’s done intentionally, it’s often done to smear an opponent. It’s effective because the projectionist is so familiar with the behavior or traits that they’re so accurately described; they’re just applied to someone else, who is innocent. Consequently, said person isn’t prepared to respond.

Sometimes, projection is exhibited by someone without even realizing he’s doing it. This is where Karl Rove comes in. If ever there were an example of someone who’s been in politics too long, it’s Rove. Yet, during an interview on Fox News Channel, another venue where he’s been painfully ubiquitous, despite being woefully wrong about the 2012 election, Rove accurately described Hillary Clinton as “old and stale” without catching the irony.

As an aside, there was little difference between Rove and Dick Morris when it came to being wrong about the 2012 election. Morris became persona-non-grata at FOX while Rove was given little more than time off before being brought back.

Here is Rove projecting while describing Hillary, via RCP:

As Bill and Hillary were beginning the first Clinton administration in 1993, Rove was beginning his time as an adviser to George W. Bush, whom he followed throughout Bush’s two terms as Texas Governor and two Presidential administrations. Ever since then, Rove has been throwing his political weight around, whether through SuperPACs, Wall Street Journal op-eds, or Fox News appearances.

After being perhaps the most influential guy behind getting Romney elected in 2012, Rove has also given indications that he will be doing the same with Jeb Bush in 2016:

In one of his more finer moments, Washington Post Bob Woodward called Rove out for his refusal to retire (2:00 mark):

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