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Apr 29, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Dear Lojiks,

The Democratic Party is facing a tough two years with the possibility of losing the senate in the midterms -=- and it appears to be the President’s policies that are dragging the party down. There is a new poll out – and Mr. Obama’s approval ratings have dropped again. This from the Washington Post about the new Post/ABC poll:

“Obama’s approval rating fell to 41 percent, down from 46 percent through the first three months of the year and the lowest of his presidency in Post-ABC News polls. Just 42 percent approve of his handling of the economy, 37 percent approve of how he is handling the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and 34 percent approve of his handling of the situation involving Ukraine and Russia.”

President Obama

President Obama

What does this mean? Several things, probably. First, Obama will change the subject from his handling of the two things he tends to mess up: domestic policy and foreign policy. Yesterday, he vigorously defended his foreign policy saying his cautious approach avoids missteps. And yet, his “cautious approach” has allowed Putin to take Crimea and threaten Ukraine.

So the Democrats need a fallback since the housing numbers point to a still-sluggish economy. And they have selected” THE MINIMUM WAGE. So that issue will join EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN as the Dems campaign on anything that does not relate to the Obama record.

Second, the media will help. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post has a column out about Cliven Bundy. Asserting that his racism should have been easy to predict. One would assume that the racism of Clippers owner Donald Sterling was even earlier to predict since everybody seems to have known about it. But Bundy’s alleged racism is still the favorite topic of pundits like Milbank and Kathleen Parker.

Secretary of State John Kerry (Photo: Wikipedia)

Secretary of State John Kerry (Photo: Wikipedia)

We read three printed papers each morning – two small, and a top 10 metro paper. This morning, we saw nothing about the most racist remarks of the week: Secretary of State John Kerry blaming Israel for the breakdown of Middle East peace talks. Kerry has backed off from his “apartheid” remark. But even as Sen. Ted Cruz calls on him to resign, the media will have his back.

Back to Sterling. This guy is 80 years old. He is married. And yet, it seems common knowledge that he has a girlfriend. This is what we found about the girlfriend from Wikipedia:

V. Stiviano, born Maria Vanessa Perez who legally changed her name in 2010 is a model of African American and Mexican descent and former director of the Donald T. Sterling Charitable foundation. According to the Los Angeles Times, she changed her name because she felt she “was not fully accepted because of her race.” She has been promoting her V. Stiviano emblazoned hats, shirts and gear on line. She is involved with the racist controversy currently in the news with Donald Sterling.

Of WHAT descent? So it’s OK to be a big shot basketball owner and not want to be seen with blacks – but it’s OK to have an affair with a minority women? The best we can find about this guy’s political activities indicates that he leans Democrat. So we are looking forward to “we should have known” columns from Dana Milbank and Kathleen Parker.

Take a stand!

Lynn Woolley

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