Obama agenda succeeds while Middle Class falls behind

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Apr 23, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Dear Lojiks,

The mainstream media does its best. You’ll find articles tucked away in virtually every newspaper about how great things are under Obama. But the fact is that in spite of all the glowing reports about the economy, the country is not doing so well. The question is: Did Obama plan it this way?

President Obama got his tax hikes.

President Obama got his tax hikes.

When Rush Limbaugh said that he wanted Obama to fail, the left wing media went nuts. The very idea that anyone could want the nation’s first black president to fail was repugnant to them. But conservatives knew what he meant. If a president wants to profoundly change America through nationalizing healthcare and college loans, class warfare, excessive regulation, using the IRS to intimidate political enemies, opening up our borders to anyone, and downsizing our military so that America cannot lead on the world stage — we should all hope he fails.

Obama, though, has not failed. He is a master community organizer and he has whipped up resentment here and class envy there and he’s gotten his way. Obama has changed us. The headlines bear it out:

“U.S. Middle Class Falls Behind.” (New York Times and Time Magazine)
“Job Market for College Grads better – but still weak.” (Associated Press)

Obama rails against “inequality” while creating more and more of it. HIS policies are the problem. So Obama, then, is a successful president. His ideas — to grow government, consolidate power in Washington, diminish America, and pit citizen against citizen – have worked like a charm. Obama is the Great Divider.

Obama has sent Vice President Joe Biden to Kiev where our ditzy veep said this: “No nation has the right to simply grab land from another nation, and we will never recognize Russia’s illegal occupation of Crimea, and neither will the world.” OK. Well, THAT should make Putin pull out. But Biden was not through with the silliness: “I came here to Kiev to [let Ukrainians know] that the United States stands with you… You should know that you will not walk this road alone. We will walk it with you.”

(Can you just hear the Kingston Trio singing “The Reverend Mr. Black”? You got to walk…that lonesome valley… you got to walk it by yourself…or not, because the United States will walk it with you…but you still might have to walk it by yourself…)

There’s a lot of “inclusiveness” in the news today. At SMU, there is a push for a LGBT seat on the student senate. SMU is a Methodist school, right? And Jeb Bush has opined again about opening up the country for much more immigration. (Out of love, no doubt.) Lou Dobbs, on Fox Business Channel last night, was highly critical of Bush. But Ruben Navarette of the San Diego Union, says Republicans are stuck on stupid.

Well, perhaps the GOP should support millions of new Democrats. Why not? Or they could develop a backbone and decide that we are a country and we make our immigration laws and enforce them for the benefit of our country. That would be taking a stand.

Lynn Woolley

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