If Limbaugh Expanded His Ban on MSNBC to Other Liberal Outlets and Icons

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Nov 11, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

Rush Limbaugh made an executive decision about his radio show some time ago when he ordered his staff not pull any clips from MSNBC. The thinking went that MSNBC has no viewers anyway and that by airing clips from that network, Rush was just giving them legitimacy, free publicity, and exposure.

One year after instituting the ban, Limbaugh boasted that one of the takeaways was the plummeting of MSNBC’s ratings.

So why doesn’t Limbaugh apply his standard more broadly? If he bans MSNBC clips, why not CNN clips? Why not extend the ban to absurd liberal outlets? How about liberal icons?

There is a difference between exposing the other side and giving its voice a platform. Exposing the plagiarism of New York Times writer Jayson Blair is a far cry from spending 30 minutes quoting and analyzing a David Brooks column based on the legitimate premise that it’s probably absurd and needs to be mocked. Brooks doesn’t think its absurd and welcomes the attention.

Another way to illustrate might be to target CBS News Managing Editor Scott Pelley for what he allegedly is responsible for doing to Sharyl Attkisson. If her claims are correct, Pelley is much further away from being a journalist than Blair is. Conversely, selecting a story that Pelley is responsible for on 60 Minutes and critiquing it for reasons similar to doing the same with a David Brooks column serves the same purpose; it provides Pelley with more exposure.

Sandra Fluke perhaps best personifies the liberal-led war on women / contraception trap that ensnared the Republican presidential field and even Limbaugh himself. For three straight days, beginning on February 29, 2012 Limbaugh spent practically his entire show going after Fluke. He called her a ‘slut’ for demanding that U.S. taxpayers subsidize her contraception. Limbaugh may have gotten away with it had he not continued harping on it.

Fluke had become the biggest beneficiary of Limbaugh’s derision. After all, she was getting… free publicity and exposure from a talk show that boasted 20 million listeners. Not only that but it spanned three hours over the course of three days. As an added bonus for Fluke, Rush goofed, and toyed with the end of his career. As it was, Limbaugh did suffer a setback of lost sponsors and ultimately apologized.

In any event, contrast the can of righteous worms Limbaugh opened just a few months later, probably without even realizing he did it, in just 80 seconds.

As a backdrop, on June 13, 2012, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and four other Congressmen sent five separate letters to five separate Inspectors General inquiring about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. Government. In the letter to the Deputy IG at State, the name Huma Abedin was identified as a potential person of interest based on her familial connections.

The letters remained under the radar for several days. Then on June 24th, Shoebat.com reported that Abedin’s mother was a close colleague of the wife of Egypt’s President at the time Muhammed Mursi. His wife and Abedin’s mother were co-leaders in the Muslim Sisterhood.

Just two days later, on June 26th, Limbaugh delivered the bombshell in a minute fraction of the time he spent on Fluke. Beyond this excerpt, there was no mention of the subject:

Within days, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress picked up the Abedin story and it would be in the news cycle for several weeks. Just imagine what Rush could have done with the Huma story if he’d have dedicated three days to it.

Again, the difference is that with Fluke, Limbaugh was elevating something she already wanted to be made public. If she was capable of shame, she wouldn’t have done it in the first place. In the case of Abedin, Limbaugh was exposing something she desperately did not want being revealed.

As I write this, Limbaugh is quoting from liberal website that is impugning American soldiers as not deserving the title of ‘hero’. As is the case with Fluke, the writer is not ashamed of what he wrote. He is also no doubt, thrilled that Limbaugh read from it while mentioning his name and website. The behavior was reinforce. The writer is now off to lower the bar on his own despicable behavior.

Limbaugh often explains that he spends his show defending the principles, people and institutions he loves and admires. That is a noble endeavor indeed.

It’d be nice to see him go on offense a bit more and provide even less exposure to the people and institutions who don’t deserve it.

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