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May 25, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

When James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a video that exposed the willingness of Hollywood actors and producers to go along with a a scheme to sell out the U.S., those individuals officially entered traitor territory. We’re talking Benedict Arnold here.

The names of people who are willing to betray their country in the interest of a buck are: Ed Begley, Jr., Mariel Hemingway, and Producers Josh and Rebecca Tickell.

The sting was simple. A man posing as a wealthy Saudi oil man named “Muhammad” was looking to invest $9 million in the production of an anti-fracking film. The purpose of doing so is not based on an ideological belief that oil is bad for the environment. Rather, it was based on “Muhammad’s” desire to reclaim some of his lost profits. Successful fracking ventures in the U.S. were hurting his bottom line.

One would think that if Hollywood eco-wackos were sincere in their beliefs, they would have nothing to do with such a project. This is where it’s clear that eco-wackos are NOT sincere in their beliefs; they’re only interested in money. Isn’t that what they accuse oil companies of being interested in?

Begley’s hypocrisy is particularly interesting. In 2007, he gave an interview to a website called Green Patriot. The site’s tagline is: “Love your Country. Love your Environment”. In light of O’Keefe’s sting, Begley loves neither.

At the time, Begley had his own reality TV show with his wife called Living with Ed. The schtick was that Begley was far more of an extremist than his wife when it came to living out the green dream:

Begley pedals his stationary bicycle to power up his toaster every morning. Begley’s beautiful co-star and wife Rachelle Carson, while an environmentalist herself, could be considered more moderate – she is more concerned than Begley that their lifestyle includes beauty and comfort, as they do their part for the planet. This sets up the good-natured conflict of the show, which adds to its appeal.

A bit later in the interview, Ed tells us what he hopes to accomplish:

My goal with this show Living with Ed is to make sure people know if you can’t afford the solar panels, the hybrid cars, the big-ticket items, take the low-hanging fruit first. Do something right away that can make a difference within in your budget. If you can’t afford solar electricity, can you afford a bus pass? Can you afford a bicycle? Can you afford an energy-saving light bulb? Can you afford an energy-saving thermostat? Pick some of the low-hanging fruit and then move up the ladder, if you’re so inclined, to some of the medium-ticket items and maybe one day the big-ticket items. That’s what I urge people to do. I think right now people are really poised and ready. People are doing it. People want to make a change.

Seven years later, profiting from Saudi oil was apparently in contention for being part of Begley’s ‘low-hanging fruit’.

Begley’s response to a question about what changes people will need to make – even if they have low incomes – to help Begley reach green utopia is interesting to ponder in light of the sting Begley was caught up in:

I think if everybody did something and then continued to do other things on the list of things within their budget – if people who have very low incomes did those few things that they could afford, families with medium incomes did those things they could afford, people who are wealthy did everything they could do within their budget – I think these problems would end in very short order, if everybody did just what they could.

Hey Ed, what if they have NO INCOMES as a result of an anti-fracking film that generates enough manufactured outrage to get politicians and regulators to shut down the industry?

Then what?

Ed Begley, Jr. is worse than a hypocrite; he’s a traitor who is willing to sell out Americans.

Here is the video of the sting operation:

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