Figures Responsible for State of World Today Acting like Innocent Bystanders

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Jul 28, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

Media figures, politicians, and diplomats are bemoaning the state of the world. Amazingly, each of the three have had a role in us getting to this point but appear to be completely ignorant of that fact.

First up, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. As Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, Albright presided over the beginnings of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of her State Department. In fact, it was her State Department that appointed Abdurahman Alamoudi as an Islamic adviser. Alamoudi would later be convicted on charges relating to terrorism.

In her interview with Bob Schieffer, Albright said the ‘Arab Spring’ was a game changer in contributing to the world being in “a mess”. The infiltration of the State Department has tangibly contributed to that reality and Albright was a major player:

Here’s Schieffer saying that “the world has gone mad”. Yet, Schieffer is a liberal media figure in a liberal media culture that didn’t vet Barack Obama. It is Obama’s policies that have gotten us here. Obviously lost on Schieffer is that when he says the world has gone mad, he fails to see his role in standing down and allowing it:

Also appearing on Schieffer’s Face the Nation broadcast was House Intelligence Committee chairman, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI). In the exchange, Rogers bemoans Qatar’s support of terrorism and says that Iran is arming Hamas.

Again, lost on Rogers is his role in the 2011 policy of regime change in Libya. It involved an alliance with Qatar. One of the things that’s come out relative to the U.S. role in Libya is covert weapons trafficking. As head of the Intelligence Committee, any covert action in that country had to be approved by him.

Either he approved it or it was done without his knowledge. If it’s the latter, he’s derelict in not making a big deal about it:

Via WFB:

A current hotspot in this mad, mad world is Gaza. In 2005, George W. Bush pressured Israel to unilaterally withdrawal from Gaza. Since that time, things are worse, not better. Also on Bush’s watch was the insane decision to let Gazans elect Hamas.

In hindsight, the decision to invade Iraq was incredibly flawed in light of things there today.

To Bush’s credit, he’s at least remained silent on the state of the world.

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