American People need to Wind-Up Boehner the Monkey and Force him to Order IRS Officials be Jailed

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Aug 27, 2014 1 Comment ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

In a bizarre video posted to YouTube, House Speaker John Boehner compares himself to a wind-up monkey. It’s apparently supposed to signify how his staff has to wind him up to do his job every 15-30 minutes.

It’s time for the American people to start doing that to Mr. Boehner because the IRS is on the ropes and Boehner holds the position of the one person who can thrown the knockout punch.

The problem is he will never do it on his own.

With the revelation this week that Lois Lerner’s emails are not actually lost comes the very real prospect that IRS Commissioner John Koskinen perjured himself when giving congressional testimony.

This would constitute yet another administration official being held in contempt of Congress. The first was Attorney General Eric Holder. Although Holder was not held in contempt over the IRS scandal, he was held in contempt for not complying with a subpoena; it was related to documents in the Operation Fast and Furious scandal.

The IRS has refused to comply with a subpoena as well. Holder is the one responsible for prosecuting IRS officials who refuse to do so; he has no interest in doing so.

After Lerner was found to have waived her fifth amendment right to remain silent, she too was found in contempt of Congress. It is Holder’s job to prosecute her. He will not.

Do the American people have recourse?

Absolutely. Unfortunately, that recourse requires the Speaker of the House John Boehner to do his job. Like Holder, Boehner is not interested in doing his job either.

In his capacity as Speaker, Boehner has a duty and responsibility to order the Sergeant at Arms to arrest and detain anyone held in contempt of Congress whom the Attorney General refuses to prosecute. If evidence rises to the level of being indictable and the Attorney General is unwilling to do indict – especially if the AG has also been held in contempt.

If Koskinen did indeed perjure himself, the House should vote to hold him in contempt of Congress as well.

Such a development would have to so outrage the American people so much that the ensuing backlash would serve as the knockout blow to an institution every taxpaying American has grown to despise.

If, as Boehner says, he’s like a wind-up monkey, it’ll be time for the American people to wind him up and force him to throw that punch:

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  1. paintedfaces says:

    I hope the monkey was there just for the entertainment of the grandchildren ? when they visit and not what his office staff really think of him.— Everyone in Obamas admins. should have charges against them ,even some of their own party think so. Now all Boehner has to do is get the warrants issued. — Justice is slow and especially so in Washington D C if you work for the government.—If a few million citizens of the country know they’re guilty,Surely the 545 members of the house know also, or at least the ones who have been involved in law. Our own Judge Carter for instance We should send a letter to Boehner to Stop Monkeying around and get on the ball, getting those Obama crooks arrested.

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