Zeitgeist says Democrats are going to Take Back House in Landslide Rick Santelli Should be RAILING Against Trump Signing $1.3 Trillion Omnibus

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By Ben Barrack

Zeitgeist: the spirit of the time; general trend of thought or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time.

Unless something major happens, Democrats are going to win back the House of Representatives in November of 2018.

President Donald Trump signed a $1.3 Trillion Omnibus bill this week. Little more than nine years ago, Trump’s predecessor signed a $787 Billion Stimulus bill. President Barack Obama angered Republicans. Yet, Trump signed a bill that eclipses the Stimulus by more than $500 Billion and Republicans are virtually silent.

On February 19, 2009 Rick Santelli lit the fuse on the powder keg that birthed the Tea Party. On the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Santelli harnessed the anger of the people. In the macro, people were angry with Barack Obama over his $787 Billion Stimulus package. Especially relevant to Santelli was Obama’s mortgage buyout program.

As a result, the Tea Party was born. Republican voters became energized. They would build on that energy until the 2010 mid-term elections. Republicans took back the House of Representatives. They saw landslide victory after landslide victory.

So where is Santelli now? Why isn’t he railing against Trump for signing a bill that authorizes $500 Billion more spending than Obama’s Stimulus?

Zeitgeist says, Can you say Speaker Pelosi?

In 2006, the Democrats won back the House. Why? Because the Republican majority had been spending like… Democrats.

It didn’t help that Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert had been compromised. We later learned that he was a homosexual child molester.

After George W. Bush won re-election and both Houses of Congress in 2004, he moved left. By 2006, Republican voters were de-energized and the people they voted for were to blame.

This year, Trump has alienated his base with the $1.3 Trillion taxpayer bailout of government. Obama is both applauding and blushing right now.

As a result of Trump’s action (and inaction), the Democrats are – right now – poised to take back the House and give Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) her old job back.

That would be Speaker.

Trump Isn’t Keeping his BIGGEST Campaign Promises

Are you motivated to vote in November? If you answered yes, you’re probably a Democrat. The reason is simple. Trump motivated people in 2016 by tapping into their sense of justice, and affirming it. Watch what he said he would do in this second debate with Hillary Clinton:

Since then, we have watched a deep state scandal emerge that makes Hillary’s email scandal look like child’s play. The reasons Trump gave for prosecuting Hillary then are at least ten-fold that today.

Yet, we still do not see deep state indictments.

Trump Needs Tough Love and PRESSURE, Not Blind Loyalty and Praise

Trump is a politician now. By definition, he must be. As such, he responds to one thing – HEAT. Politicians are reticent to act unless they feel pressure to do so.

Far too many people are out there clamoring that we need to support Trump, despite his signing the Omnibus. That’s not going to change his behavior. It’s going to reinforce it.

If Trump feels more pressure from the left than he does from the right, guess which direction he’s going to go between now and November.

Yes, left.

Trump’s voters need to save him, not defer to him.

How Trump Can Prevent a November Bloodletting

Scandal has weakened the Deep State. A dozen Department of Justice and FBI Officials have been fired, demoted or re-assigned.

Since Trump’s election, his administration has not gone on offense against the Deep State.

There is still time.

If it does, and Deep State actors are prosecuted, Trump’s voters will be energized to turn out in November. If not, Republican voters will stay home.

Right now, the liberal mainstream media thinks it smells blood in the water. CNN is using the Stormy Daniels lie detector test and the allegations of former Playboy Bunny Karen McDougal, that she had an affair with Trump, as bludgeons.

The Stormy and McDougal stories will not harm Trump if he doesn’t cave. If his supporters see him fighting for the things he committed to fighting for, they will support him.

If he does not, they will not.

Right now, the Zeitgeist is screaming Democrat landslides in November.

That can change but Trump must change it.

He can start with firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. His supporters expect it.

Right now, Trump is like Jerry MaGuire and his supporters are like Rod Tidwell. We just need to make sure that Trump doesn’t hang up the phone because it will get him impeached:

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