Trump Will Pay For Deep State Crimes If Deep State Does Not Trump Voters Will Stay Home if No Deep State Criminals Indicted; Trump will then be Impeached

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By Ben Barrack

Trump in California on day of PA’s special election.

In 2016, Trump voters repeated two chants that showed what motivated them against the deep state. “Build that Wall” and “Lock Her Up” were not just slogans. They represented the two most important issues to Trump supporters.

Immigration and Deep State corruption.

Since his election, Trump has been great. He’s kept his promises and has surpassed expectations in many ways. However, his voters have seen no indictments of obvious deep state criminals and no real progress on the border wall.

As a result, Democrats keep winning special elections. The most recent example is in PA’s 18th district. In a battle between Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb, Lamb won in a district Trump won by 20 points.

On the day of the election, Trump went to California. Why? So he could reassure people that the wall is still going to be built. The best way to do that is with optics. Those optics included prototypes.

The wall will take time but Trump knows he must project progress now. His supporters demand it and he knows it.

Deep State Scandal PROVES Hillary Corrupt Beyond Measure

At one of the debates, Trump energized supporters when he told Hillary she’d be “in jail” if he were president. He also stated he would instruct his Attorney General (AG) to “get a special prosecutor” to investigate her:

Unfortunately, while there is a special prosecutor today, he’s investigating Trump. This is happening because Trump’s AG Jeff Sessions recused himself from a bogus claim. Soon after his nomination, Sessions recused himself based on a conflict of interest that didn’t exist. Later, Trump rightly fired his corrupt FBI Director James Comey. That led to Deputy Attorney General and CO-CONSPIRATOR Rod Rosenstein’s appointment of Robert Mueller to investigate Trump.

Since the cacophonous chants of “Lock Her Up”, we’ve learned the corruption and crime goes much deeper. Trump supporters don’t just want to see Hillary in prison. They now want to see people like Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Rod Rosenstein and many others go to prison.

The scandal metastasizes on a near daily basis. It’s now obvious that Hillary and the DNC hired Fusion GPS, which hired Christopher Steele, who then compiled a bogus dossier with the help of Russians. He then took that dossier to the FBI. The FBI then colluded with the Department of Justice (DOJ) to obtain FISA warrants. It did so while lying to the FISA court.

If Trump voters don’t see indictments, they will lose hope in the system. They will see an administration that lacks self-respect and a sense of justice. As a result, they will not turnout in November and Democrats will win.

Attorney General Sessions going for the Trifecta

Wittingly or unwittingly, Sessions has undermined Trump. Since being named AG, the consequences of Sessions’ recusal is the Mueller farce. That one simple act by Sessions has kept Trump on Defense. Furthermore, the seat Sessions held in Alabama has since gone blue.

Now, as a direct result of Sessions’ inaction, the Democrats are poised to take the House in November.

If that happens, there will be no fewer than two consequences:

1.) Trump will be Impeached
2.) The Deep State Corruption Scandal will go away

Trump Will Pay For Democrat Sins if Democrats Don’t

Our Founding Fathers set up Congress like a judicial system when it comes to removing a president from office. They set up the House to act as a Grand Jury; they set up the Senate to act as the court that conducts the trial.

The DOJ indicts criminals. Either Trump’s DOJ will indict real deep state criminals or the deep state criminals will indict Trump via impeachment.

Democrat voters are energized. Trump’s voters are not. They need a boost.

Since Trump’s election, his supporters have grown increasingly angry. They’re not angry with him. They’re angry at the lack of accountability.

While Trump isn’t shy when it comes to tweeting his displeasure with Sessions, nothing changes. Sessions remains as AG and deep state actors who’ve committed real crimes, remain free.

Republican voters are still in denial. A blue wave is coming in November unless we see indictments.

As we get closer to November, Trump voters will expect those indictments. If they don’t come, Trump’s voters will stay home in droves.

Democrats like Maxine Waters will push for impeachment.

Trump will then be in the left’s sights and the real criminals will be out of sight.

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