Trump’s SCOTUS Pick is a SMEAR MERCHANT and COVER-UP Artist Trump's Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh May Be the Biggest Mistake of his Presidency

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By Ben Barrack

Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court – Brett Kavanaugh – should be disqualified. He is dirty; he is compromised.

Kavanaugh was a lead investigator in a high profile case involving the death of someone very close to the Clintons. Kavanaugh’s actions, as well as the conclusion of the investigation, are highly suspect. In addition to smearing a heroic witness named Patrick Knowlton, Kavanaugh could not prove that Foster’s car was at the scene of his supposed suicide.

Had Kavanaugh been interested in getting to the truth, Knowlton would have been a star witness. Instead, Kavanaugh attempted to discredit and intimidate Knowlton.

As Knowlton tells it, he went to the park on the afternoon of July 20th. While there, he saw a brown 1984 Honda and another car with a menacing-looking man inside. He did not see Foster’s car, which was a 1989 silver Honda

As a lead investigator on the case, Kavanaugh ignored the evidence that Foster’s car was not at the park at the time Foster allegedly killed himself. In a phone conversation between Accuracy in Media’s Reed Irvine and Kavanaugh, Irvine asked Kavanaugh for evidence that Foster’s car was in the parking lot. In response, Kavanaugh said,

“…that’s an unanswerable question.”

The answer to that question is essential to concluding that Foster killed himself. If Foster didn’t drive to the park, it means he was either murdered or he committed suicide and someone transported his body to the park.

Here is the recording of that conversation:

Below is a photo of a brown 1984 Honda allegedly seen at the park andFoster’s 1989 Honda. Note they do not look at all the same:

1984 Brown Honda seen at the park (top) and Foster’s car (bottom). Foster’s car was NOT at the park.

The Smearing of Patrick Knowlton

Patrick Knowlton was not the only witness at Fort Marcy Park. However, he was the most courageous. As a result, he was harassed, intimidated and smeared. Kavanaugh was part of the effort.

Here is an excerpt of an audio recording of Knowlton, via Accuracy in Media [Emphasis Mine]:

Prior to going to the grand jury I was harassed and intimidated on the streets of Washington. And during that time, a three-day period, my attorney John Clarke repeatedly called the FBI and the OICs office. They never responded to give me any protection or any help. It wasn’t until the following Monday that Russell Bransford showed up at my door and he interviewed me regarding the harassment. All the time I was telling him the story, of what took place, he sat there and smiled at me. And when I asked him at one point if I could trust him? He leaned over into my face and said, “Mr. Knowlton that is a good question, I don’t know.”

Well I was looking forward to going to the grand jury and telling them my story about my harassment and at that time, I did not realize that the FBI and the OIC were behind it.

Here is an interview with Knowlton and his attorney from 1996. Note the detail Knowlton provides relative to how he was harassed by FBI agents:

It is chilling to watch Knowlton in that video explain how he was harassed. It’s clear those who did so were on a mission from the grand jury. As such, they wanted Knowlton to change his testimony. That testimony was at odds with the conclusion that Foster committed suicide.

In short, Knowlton was a threat. It’s obvious.

Most shocking is the entity that produced the video above. It was the Conservative Caucus. The interviewer even promotes the website. Today, that same organization is PROMOTING Kavanaugh as a great pick for SCOTUS:

Compare the website today (screenshot above) with the ending credits of the Knowlton interview:

Ending Credits of 1996 Knowlton interview by Conservative Caucus

How is it that the same Conservative Caucus that in 1996 implicated Kavanaugh’s investigation can today endorse him as a Supreme Court Justice?

Kavanaugh Smeared Knowlton

In another interview posted on the Accuracy in Media website, Knowlton describes how Kavanaugh smeared him during Grand Jury testimony. When Knowlton wouldn’t change his story about what car he saw in the park, Kavanaugh attempted to discredit and smear him. Here is a a transcript of Knowlton’s words [Emphasis Mine]:

I remember when I went to the grand jury. And towards the end of this 2? hour interview, I was asked by Brett Kavanaugh to step outside of the grand jury room so the grand jurors could ask questions. When I re-entered the room, Kavanaugh first asked me if I was sure that someone else didn’t see me in the park? And I replied that I hoped that someone else had seen me in the park. Then, he sarcastically asked me whether I came forward to the authorities because I was a good citizen or a good Samaritan?

Then, John Bates who was seated behind me leaned forward and passed a note to Brett Kavanaugh, from which Kavanaugh read the following questions,

He said, “Mr. Knowlton did the man in the park talk to you?” And I replied, “no.”

He asked me, “Did the man in the park pass you a note?” And I replied, “no.”

He said, “Did the man approach you?” And I replied, “no.”

“Did the man in the park point a gun at you?” I replied, “no.”

And lastly Kavanaugh asked me, “Did the man in the park touch your genitals?”

I looked at him and I was in shock. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe he asked me such a question. Of course, I replied, “no.”

As I left the grand jury I was puzzled why the grand jurors would ask such questions? And as soon as I saw my attorney, John Clarke, I repeated verbatim the last questions I was asked. Now we know those questions, were designed by John Bates and Brett Kavanaugh. They wanted to discredit me, and my testimony.

Keep in mind that this is the same Brett Kavanaugh that Trump nominated to the Supreme Court.

In a voicemail to the investigation’s Deputy Counsel, Ruddy informed Hickman Ewing that he would not report on what Knowlton said Kavanaugh asked of him. Here is a transcript of that voicemail [Emphasis Mine]:

What Happened to Chris Ruddy?

For years, conservatives have been rightly suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the death of Vince Foster. The body of Deputy White House Counsel for the Clintons lay dead at Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993. Four years later, journalist Chris Ruddy wrote the definitive book on the Foster case.

Ruddy’s book, entitled, The Strange Death of Vince Foster raises very serious questions.

Something changed with Ruddy since then. Today, he is friends with the Clintons and is responsible for contributing more than $1 million to the Clinton Foundation’s coffers.

What’s more is that Ruddy is allegedly responsible for promoting Kavanaugh to Trump as a Supreme Court justice.

Why? Considering Ruddy’s in-depth knowledge of the investigation, Kavanaugh should have been his last pick for SCOTUS. World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah wrote in 2013 that Ruddy actually crossed over to the ‘dark side’.

In 1997, Ruddy laid out the case against the Vince Foster investigation. Something has clearly changed with him since then:

In the video interview with Knowlton above, Knowlton describes how both he and Ruddy noticed the intimidation by FBI agents firsthand. As such, why would Ruddy abandon what he knows to be true? Why would he side with the Clintons after writing the quintessential work that indicts them?

One answer is intimidation like that experienced by Knowlton.

However, Ruddy acquiesced to it.

Knowlton did not.

The larger question is why Trump agreed to nominate Kavanaugh.

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