Trump Gets A+ For DEfense But SO FAR, His Administration SUCKS at OFFense If Donald Trump, Jr. "Colluded" with Russians, What did Hillary do with Muslim Brotherhood by Having Huma Abedin at her side

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By Ben Barrack

Donald Trump is a great counter-puncher. His use of twitter is historic. The president has been masterful at attacking the media whenever it attacks him. The mainstream media tried to label conservative news outlets as fake news. In response, Trump has effectively turned the label back on the media, CNN in particular.

For all of his efforts, Trump gets an A+ when it comes to fighting back against the media. Conversely, his administration gets a big fat F for not going on offense.

Arguably, Trump’s best aggressive move was the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Comey counter-punched too. He took his memos and had them leaked to the New York Times by a personal friend, in hopes of getting a special counsel to investigate Trump collusion with Russia.

Comey’s counter-punch bore fruit. It resulted in his predecessor and good friend Robert Mueller being appointed as special counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions could have (and should have) rejected any call for a special counsel. Instead, he couldn’t do anything at all because he had bowed to pressure from Democrats and recused himself, via the New York Times:

Mr. Rosenstein, who until recently was United States attorney in Maryland, took control of the investigation because Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself after acknowledging he had failed to disclose meetings he had with the Russian ambassador to Washington, Sergey I. Kislyak, when Mr. Sessions was an adviser to the Trump campaign.

Trump was reportedly LIVID with Sessions over this, and rightly so. His top cop ran and hid under his desk after barely being confirmed. Eric Holder wouldn’t have come close to doing that.


This played right into the Democrats’ hands. It was a defensive and cowardly move by Sessions. It was also a gross political miscalculation.

Street Fighters Needed to Beat the DEEP STATE

When Trump fired Comey, he should have fired his Deputy Andrew McCabe. If ever there was a political appointee who should recuse himself, it’s McCabe.

Last month, Senator Charles Grassley sent a letter to Rosenstein about McCabe. In particular, McCabe’s wife accepted nearly $500,000 in campaign contributions from a Political Action Committee (PAC) headed by Terry McAuliffe and did not disclose that information as he worked on the investigation into Hillary Clinton last year. McAuliffe is as close to the Clintons as anyone. He is an insider and hack for the Clinton machine.

Those weren’t the only apparent conflicts cited by Grassley; there are two others.


Yet, to this day, McCabe has not only not recused himself but has taken an interim promotion as FBI Director since Comey’s departure.

Meanwhile, Sessions voluntarily stepped aside and put his hands up. Why couldn’t Grassley have sent that letter to Sessions instead of Rosenstein?

Perhaps because Sessions punted?

Of course, this is the perfect anecdote for the problem. Deep State apparatchiks like McCabe have no shame and nice guys like Sessions are incapable of turning off their consciences when fighting rank evil. Trump seems to have that ability but his ability to surround himself with like-minded individuals may not be as strong.

So far, Sessions is showing he was better as a Senator, a conservative one at that. So far, Sessions isn’t cut out for this.

During a recent appearance on Hannity, Newt Gingrich likened the media’s bias to a cop who turns a blind eye to a bank robbery while going after jaywalkers.

This is spot-on.

However, in the case of the Trump administration, many of the appointees don’t seem to know that they have more power than the media. Sessions is the perfect example.

Consider the allegations against Donald Trump, Jr. He’s being tarred as a collaborator with the Russians for accepting a meeting in which nothing happened. This is very much like Scooter Libby being prosecuted for a crime that wasn’t committed.

AG Loretta Lynch on Tarmac, meeting Bill Clinton days before Hillary exonerated.

Conversely, in the case of Hillary Clinton, five people were granted immunity by Comey’s FBI and NO ONE was prosecuted. Attorney General Loretta Lynch – Sessions’s predecessor – met with Bill Clinton on an Arizona tarmac days before Comey’s announcement that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be prosecuted. Comey himself testified that Lynch directed him to call the investigation a ‘matter’.

Yet, Lynch wasn’t expected to recuse herself and to this point, has faced no consequences.

Someone needs to ask Sessions if it pays to take such a high road when the low riders keep winning the day and escaping unscathed.

Back to Comey. In the days before he was fired, Comey testified that Hillary Clinton’s closest adviser Huma Abedin sent classified emails to her husband Anthony Weiner, to print out. At the time – as Comey admitted – Weiner was under investigation for sexting with a child. Here, a compromised individual under investigation had access to classified information provided by his wife, a close Hillary adviser.

Worse, Abedin is tied very closely to the Muslim Brotherhood through her family and never should have gotten an security clearance in the first place.

Compared to Huma, Donald Trump, Jr. is that jaywalker.

Yet, the Trump administration remains silent on Huma’s ties or complicity in subterfuge and espionage.

Regardless, if Donald Trump, Jr. “colluded” with the Russians because of a meeting with a Russian lawyer, what has Hillary been doing with Huma Abedin since 1996?

The media is not going to bring these things up. Waiting or demanding them to do so is a vain endeavor. Academic exercises in which conservatives bemoan hypocrisy and double standards get us nowhere.

It’s time for action.

The media and the deep state will continue doing what it’s doing, unabated until people start getting indicted and prosecuted.

James Comey should be indicted.
Huma Abedin should be indicted.
Loretta Lynch should be indicted.
John Podesta should be indicted.
Robert Mueller should be fired.
Andrew McCabe should be fired.
The Hillary Clinton investigation should be re-opened.

Ironically, if any one of those things happened, the deep state would be dealt a major blow. The problem is that none of those things has happened and the deep state continues to stay in the the game.

Trump has demonstrated the ability to fight but unfortunately, he and his administration must step up their game if they are to win.

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