Trump’s Call for Special Counsel in Debate With Hillary Gave Us Mueller Special Counsel Deep State Began Its Work To Take Out Trump When Trump Pledged to Take Out Hillary

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By Ben Barrack

The Mueller Special Counsel we see today was set into motion during the second presidential debate on October 9, 2016. During that debate, Trump said he was going to ask his Attorney General to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Hillary for her crimes.

Today, we do have a Special Counsel but it is nowhere near the one Trump envisioned; it’s the opposite. You can bet that when Trump made that pledge to Hillary, her team and the Deep State began its work.

Less than two weeks later, on October 21st, the DOJ and FBI (AG Loretta Lynch and FBI Director Comey) submitted the FISA application to spy on the Trump campaign.

Furthermore, someone got to Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions. There is no other explanation. On March 2, 2017 he recused himself from anything having to do with the Russia investigation. In so doing, he put control of that investigation in the hands of a co-conspirator in the FISA abuse scandal – Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

In the name of integrity, Sessions actually made the investigation more compromised and corrupt.

The Deep State had to take what Trump promised in the debate seriously. Otherwise, its many actors would face justice. With Sessions out of the way, one of its own conspirators had control.

In a May 9, 2017 letter to Trump, Rosenstein recommended the firing of Comey. As such, he knew he could do to Trump what Trump promised to do to Hillary.

That is, appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the President.

Someone from the Deep State applied serious pressure to Sessions to prevent Trump from fulfilling the promise he made in that debate.

That allowed Rosenstein to act on Hillary’s behalf to do to Trump what he pledged to do to Hillary.

It’s that simple.

Straight Out of Clinton Playbook

When you go after the Clintons, they come back at you in the same way. As soon as FBI Director Jim Comey exonerated Hillary from several felonies in July of 2016, the FBI began investigating Donald Trump.

At the 2016 Republican National Convention, Michael Flynn led chants of ‘Lock Her Up’. This helped to put him in the crosshairs of the Deep State. After the FBI secured a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign official Carter Page, it captured a phone conversation between Flynn and a Russian. Corrupt FBI investigator Peter Strzok interviewed Flynn in January of 2017. In February, Flynn resigned. Nearly one year later, he pled guilty to lying to the FBI.

On the day Flynn resigned, Hillary hatchet man Philippe Reines tweeted to Flynn. Hillary later retweeted it:

Reines took to twitter again on the day Flynn submitted his guilty plea. This time, Reines engaged in – and fueled – various conspiracy theories.

Here is Flynn at the Republican National Convention in July of 2016 calling for Hillary’s incarceration:

We know Comey began investigation the Trump campaign that month. Later, Mueller would take the reigns as Special Counsel.

It was Comey who signed the FISA application in October that would ensnare Flynn. The crime more serious than anything Flynn did was leaking his name to the press. To this day, no one has been charged for that crime.

Based on evidence that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI illegally obtained FISA warrants, it’s not a stretch to conclude the same players committed the crime of leaking Flynn’s name.

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