THIS is Why FBI Director Comey Thinks it’s OK for a PEDOPHILE to have Access to CLASSIFIED INFORMATION Comey is the State Department's VERY WEAK Huma Firewall

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May 4, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

FBI Director James Comey is serving as a major firewall for the establishment right now. He is protecting the establishment that gave Huma Abedin a security clearance in the first place – by ignoring her crimes. Comey admitted under oath that a pedophile was given access to classified information by his wife. That pedophile is Anthony Weiner and his wife is Abedin.

Yet, Comey also concluded that neither person committed a crime.

Here is the audio:

Did you hear that? Comey even admitted that Weiner “has criminal problems of other sorts”. Yet, we’re to believe that neither Weiner nor Abedin committed a crime relative to mishandling classified information.

So, why would Comey do this? Why would he let both of these individuals off the hook?

Comey the Firewall

It’s obvious that both Abedin and Weiner committed crimes. Huma did so by sending classified information to an unauthorized person. Weiner did so by handling it.

If Comey were to recommend Huma for prosecution, such a move would open very dangerous doors for the establishment. In particular, the state department bureaucracy.

The problem here is that the state department never should have granted Huma a security clearance in the first place. Every person that gets a clearance must complete a Form 86. On that form, the individual is required to list all family members and their affiliations. For Huma to answer such a form honestly would require her to disqualify herself.

Huma’s family is infested with Muslim Brotherhood members. Her mother is a leader! The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal in America is to destroy it from within.


Either Huma didn’t fill out the form honestly or she didn’t fill it out at all. Either way, the real lawbreaker(s) are the ones that overlooked her background.

Regardless, the state department bureaucracy that let her in would have a lot of ‘splaining to do if Comey were to speak the truth about Huma.

The New York Post caught up with Abedin one day after Comey’s testimony. A reporter asked her about what Comey had revealed but Abedin remained silent. Perhaps this reporter should have asked her about her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and if she deserved a security clearance at all.

Huma is a Muslim Spy who was not Vetted

If Comey were to open the door that reads, ‘Huma Committed a Crime’, it would lead to several rocks that would have to be overturned.

With the overwhelming evidence that has come out since 2011, it’s clear that Huma Abedin is a spy for the Saudis, the Muslim Brotherhood or both.

If Comey were to confirm what we all know – that Huma committed a crime by mishandling classified information – the individuals who gave her a security clearance would have to answer for doing it.

A LOT of individuals.

Monica Crowley – a woman hired to be one of Trump’s National Security Advisors – understood the threat Huma poses. Here is a video of Crowley in 2013 explaining it:

Yet, today, Crowley is no longer part of the Trump administration. However, Dina Powell is. She too is a Deputy National Security Advisor. She is also very cozy with Abedin.

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