Sweet Irony if Clintons and Obama Finally NUKED by URANIUM Scandal Nuclear Scandal Starting to Finally Make the Clintons Radioactive

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By Ben Barrack

A Nuclear bomb lays everything bare when it explodes. Over the decades, Bill and Hillary Clinton have repeatedly escaped justice in one explosive scandal after another. With each escape, the Clintons must’ve felt more invincible. For eight years as president, Barack Obama was immune from accountability as well. Now, the one scandal that may finally lay everything bare and ensnare all of them is literally, nuclear in nature.

Oh, the irony.

Uranium One represents what could be a Nuclear War in Washington, DC

The scandal known as Uranium One has a radioactive feel to it. You can almost sense a nuclear bombshell coming. In short, a corrupt Russian company known as Rosatom sought to purchase a Canadian company named Uranium One in 2010. The sale was inexplicably approved in 2010 and finalized in 2013, despite the objections of an FBI informant. That informant is now coming forward. He may have just the right nuclear codes and appears to be ready to use them.

FBI Informant

Earlier this week, Reuters revealed the identity of an FBI Informant at the heart of the Uranium One scandal. His name is William Campbell. Here is perhaps the most explosive paragraph:

Campbell’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing, who has not previously identified her client, said despite Campbell telling the government “how corrupt the company was,” Rosatom still got permission to buy Uranium One. She did not say what Campbell would reveal regarding any alleged wrongdoing by Clinton.

That would have been in 2010, when Robert Mueller was FBI Director. The sale of Uranium One to Rosatom had to be approved by all nine leaders of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). The Department of Justice is one of the nine. Eric Holder was the Attorney General at the time. As such, he had to have personally approved the sale; ditto for Hillary. At the time, Holder was Mueller’s boss.

Mueller’s silence implicates him. As such, his only defense is the Nuremberg defense, which is that he was just following orders.

Instead of leading an investigation as a special counsel, Mueller should be asking for immunity in exchange for testimony against Holder, Hillary and several other individuals, including Obama.

What is CFIUS?

Any decision rendered by CFIUS is supposed to be forwarded to the President of the United States – Obama at the time – for approval. In theory, if all nine leaders of CFIUS approve the sale, Obama would have been able to keep his fingerprints off that approval, or at least minimize his exposure. If the decision was not unanimous, Obama’s approval was necessary.

Check it out:

If CFIUS proceeds with a full investigation of the acquisition, it must conclude its additional review within 45 days. At the conclusion of the investigation, it will submit a recommendation to the President. Normally, the Committee makes a unanimous recommendation, but if the members are divided they will for- ward their differing views to the President. The President has 15 days from the date of re- ferral to clear, prohibit, or suspend the transaction.

Either all nine people – including Hillary, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano (then DHS Secretary), Timothy Geithner (then Treasury Secretary), signed off or Obama did.

That is a nuclear bombshell.

Nuked by Uranium Scandal

Mueller should testify on Uranium One.

The handling of Hillary’s email scandal has even her most staunchest of defenders looking foolish. That was one scandal Hillary had a very difficult time escaping; it dogged her until election day. Then FBI Director James Comey nuked his own career in 2016, when he admitted Hillary was ‘grossly negligent’ with confidential information but found no grounds for prosecution after changing ‘grossly negligent’ to ‘extremely careless’.

Robert Mueller was the FBI Director when the Uranium One sale was approved in 2010, which makes him dirty as well because he was either complicit or turned a blind eye. Mueller was Comey’s predecessor and mentor. Today, he is leading the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. It is really an attempt to undermine President Donald Trump. Preventing the Uranium One scandal from going nuclear is paramount to Mueller as well.

Mueller and Comey are dirtied up together too.

Another look at Obama’s ‘Open Mic’ Gaffe with Russian leader

If you believe the mainstream media, you will not second guess the subject matter of an open mic exchange between Obama and then Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. The exchange took place in Seoul, South Korea, at a summit on nuclear missile defense in March of 2012.

Consider the timeline of the Uranium One sale. The sale was approved by CFIUS in 2010. It required Obama’s personal approval if any one of the nine CFIUS leaders objected.

The video speaks for itself. What it doesn’t do is reveal the subject matter at hand. Obama tells Medvedev he will have “more flexibility” after the 2012 election. What does that mean? What is the subject matter?

Media Collusion with Democrats

If you listen to the mainstream media, you are expected to trust what they tell you. Here is an excerpt from the New York Times:

“On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space,” Mr. Obama could be heard saying to Mr. Medvedev, according a reporter from ABC News, who was traveling with the president.

“Yeah, I understand,” the departing Russian president said. “I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

Mr. Obama then elaborated in a portion of the exchange picked up by the cameras: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

Why didn’t the New York Times name the reporter? Who was it and did this reporter have a motive to minimize the damage? That is a more likely scenario.

Furthermore, in October of 2016, the Intercept published documents that revealed collusion between several mainstream media reporters and the Democratic Party. In addition, one document pertained to an “off-the-record” meeting between the Hillary campaign and several reporters; five of them were from ABC. The “Event Memo” issued four goals. “Framing the HRC message” was one of those goals.

While the willingness of those five ABC reporters to collude with a political party doesn’t prove lying took place relative to the context of the open mic conversation, it does show a willingness to do so if it helped that political party. In this case, Obama represented that party as President.

Moreover, the sale of Uranium One to Rosatom was pending at the time of the summit in Seoul. Obama and Medvedev most certainly discussed the sale which was finalized on January 14, 2013, very soon after Obama won reelection.

Imagine this exchange being about the sale of Uranium One:

Why Obama Would Help The Russians

In addition to the prospect of becoming wealthier as a result of selling uranium to the Russians, Obama had another reason – loyalty to Mother Russia. As a child, Obama was mentored by a card carrying member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) for nearly a decade. Frank Marshall Davis was a Soviet agent. He befriended a young Obama.

Vladimir Putin was a Soviet agent as well and is really a Stalinist at heart. In 2015, he praised the former Soviet dictator and mass murderer.

Obama demonstrated one thing as president. He showed his hatred for the United States and governed that way. Selling America’s uranium to the Russians would have killed two birds with one stone.

Winning a Nuclear War

Experts tell us that no one can win a nuclear war. The concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) prevents any nation from claiming victory.

Yet, prosecuting those responsible for betraying the United States from within would represent a nuclear war. As a result, the only mutually assured destruction would be the nine heads of CFIUS and the President of the United States at the time – Barack Obama.

Patriots must nuke Obama, the Clintons, the deep state, the establishment and the media with a uranium scandal. As a result, that would be a victory for America in a nuclear war.

Time to nuke these three with a Uranium scandal

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