Why the Swamp hates Trump and Tucker Tucker Carlson has overtaken Rush Limbaugh as the best truth-teller in media.

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Dec 23, 2018 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

In my lifetime, there are two presidents that made (or make) me feel proud to be an American. Ronald Reagan took us out of the nightmare of Watergate and the malaise of Ford and Carter and restored America’s place in the world. He remains one of the most inspirational figures in American history.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, makes me proud for one simple reason. I believe the existential crisis of our time for America is illegal immigration without assimilation. Trump seems to believe that as well, and when he promised a wall, he secured my vote and my everlasting loyalty. Well, so long as he sticks to it.

Truth-telling Tucker Carson on FOX News has riled the Swamp. (Screen Shot)

As I write this, we are in the second day of the so-called “government shutdown” in which not much is shut down but you can’t visit the LBJ Library. So I had to cancel all plans to visit the LBJ library. As tough as that is, I think I can stick it out until the library ticket takers are reinstated.

Now, about the media.

The Mainstream Media which includes such laudable institutions as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Dallas Morning News, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the View is largely a part of the Swamp.

If there is something we have learned about the Swamp in the Age of Trump it is that the Swamp does not like change and it does not like to be challenged. The Swamp is the vast government bureaucracy that makes the rules and regulations (illegally in my opinion in the case of agencies like the Federal Communications Commission) that we all have to live under out here in flyover country.

Hillary Clinton was no threat to the Swamp. Had Hill and Bill reclaimed the White House, Hillary would have had the power she craved and would have (as she told us) been a president for all women. Bill could have keep speaking for big bucks and checking out the rear ends of chicks as he typically does at public events.

Hillary Clinton and the Swamp did not care about the attacks in Benghazi

The Swamp would have not only been safe; it would have expanded.

Hillary Clinton was as much a part of the Swamp as was Bill, the Bushes, and the media. Under Hillary, CNN would have gotten priority over FOX News for interviews and such – and the bureaucracy would have grown.

That is what Washington wants it to be – a never ending expansion of government and its power over the people. That’s why most of the Swamp thinks Texans are a bunch of hayseeds. We actually run a low-tax, low-regulation state that works most of the time. And left-wing nutcases in failing California laugh at us!

Even conservative media had been tamed by political correctness.

This is why Tucker Carlson has overtaken Rush Limbaugh as the best truth-teller in media. I still think Rush is the best on radio by a long shot. But while Rush analyzes the big events of the day, Tucker analyses the major existential crises of the day.

Of course, Mr. Carlson is being attacked and bullied by the anti-free-speech Left. Media Matters is usually at the heart of such boycotts – and Carlson has lost a few sponsors. If FOX News is smart – and who knows – they will use this boycott to pump up the viewing audience for Tucker. His fans, including me, love him for stating the obvious that is so politically incorrect that even Rush won’t go there.

Rush Limbaugh at the EIB network – still the #1 voice on radio

The Swamp hates Rush and Tucker. They’ve tried to have Rush and Sean Hannity thrown off the air with no results. They got Bill O’Reilly who was blindsided while on vacation – but Limbaugh and Hannity both fought back and won.

All these talk show hosts threaten the venerable swamp. Reagan did too, and so does Trump. No president has ever been able to drain the Swamp, but Trump is the only one who’s made it a campaign pledge. Building the wall is part of draining the Swamp. If Trump gets that wall built, and controls illegal immigration, Democrats will lose votes. Republicans will lose donors. The Swamp, a.k.a. the Establishment, can’t let that happen.

Do you remember what the #1 priority in Washington is?

If you said “fighting climate change,” go to the back of the class and stand in the corner. If you said “reelection,” or “holding onto power” or “growing government,” you’re right on.

The Swamp doesn’t want to control borders. It sure doesn’t care about the national debt that is so out of control. It doesn’t want to de-regulate. Government exists to do three things:

• Tax
• Spend
• Regulate

That is what the Swamp does.

In a bureaucracy, change is of the Devil. It isn’t sought after and it isn’t welcomed. The Swamp hates Rush, Sean, and Tucker because they point these things out. The Swamp hated Reagan because he brought new ideas and believed America was exceptional. The Swamp hates Trump because he wants to make America great again.

There are only a few major voices that still need shutting up for the Swamp to reign supreme. In media, imagine a world without Limbaugh, Hannity or Carlson. There’d still be the Frontbencher and a few backbenchers, but the big voices for freedom and a government of/by/for the people would be gone.

Donald Trump (Screen Shot)

Now imagine a world without Trump; a world with President Hillary Clinton in charge of American policy. We’d be drowning in radical feminism, climate change nonsense, abortion on demand, and open borders.

The lobbying cesspool would be running the show in Washington. Hillary would have Made America Miserable Again (MAMA).

The Swamp likes misery so long as it’s you that is suffering.

A miserable populace is good for the Swamp because it can then dole out favors in return for votes. It can stay in power forever. People like Tucker Carlson rain on that parade by doing nothing more than telling the truth. If the Swamp could force the major conservative talkers off the air, it would be easier to impeach and imprison President Trump.

The goal is a bland media landscape where CNN is the model and we can get back to endless panels about the missing Malaysian Jetliner. The goal is an Establishment that wields total power over the proletariat rather than the other way around.

This is why I cheer when Tucker tells the truth.

If he was lying, there would be no need for Media Matters or any left-wing group to try to toss him of the air. He’s not lying and what he says is scary. Real scary.

As for me, I go to bed secure in the thought that for the first time since Reagan, a United States president is is putting our country first.


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  1. VerbosePhil says:

    Good article, Lynn. Hard to read thru these unsavory truths, but head-in-sand is not a good option. We must continue to hold fast and support what is right.

    Thank you for being here (miss you on the air waves).


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