American CIVIL WAR II: Trump Needs his Ulysses S. Grant to Defeat Deep State Trump Needs to Appoint Grants, not McClellans

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By Ben Barrack

During America’s first civil war, President Abraham Lincoln grew increasingly frustrated with his generals. In particular, he couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t fight the confederates despite having access to far more troops and resources. In short, those generals didn’t act like they had the power that they did.

Unfortunately, President Donald Trump has some like-minded individuals in his administration. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is one such figure. His recusal from “the” fight in the first year of Trump’s presidency (bogus Russia conspiracy theories) less than one month after being confirmed, was shameful. The frustration that must’ve caused Trump is undoubtedly on par with the frustration Abraham Lincoln felt relative to his cowardly generals.

Via Mark Greenbaum at the New York Times in 2011:

…as the leading Union generals in the field refused to directly engage Confederate troops, President Lincoln began to display an almost intuitive understanding of the aggressive military strategy that would win the war, a wisdom that would lead him to bring in new generals and push for more aggressive engagements in 1862. How did Lincoln, a lawyer by training with no military background to speak of — get the nature of the conflict so right, and his seasoned generals get it so wrong?

If there is one thing Trump has demonstrated, it’s an “intuitive understanding” of the aggressive strategy necessary to defeat the mainstream media. Too many of his underlings – Sessions the greatest example – don’t have that. It is for that reason that Trump must find his Ulysses S. Grant; Sessions isn’t it.

In the early part of the war, George B. McClellan was Lincoln’s guy; he wasn’t. Lincoln fired McClellan on November 5, 1862.

The reason? According to

McClellan ably built the army in the early stages of the war but was a sluggish and paranoid field commander who seemed unable to muster the courage to aggressively engage Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia.

It wasn’t until Lincoln tapped Ulysses S. Grant to lead the Union troops that the war began to tip in favor of the north. From the Smithsonian Institute website:

Lincoln’s frustration and depression deepened as Union military defeats continued into 1863. The Union army had every advantage in resources, but failed to assemble the military leadership needed to mount a successful campaign.

Lincoln replaced generals and changed the command structure of the army several times before he finally selected Ulysses S. Grant to take command. He had gained Lincoln’s confidence after winning crucial victories at Vicksburg, Mississippi, and elsewhere in the West. In Grant, Lincoln had finally found a general who would muster the full strength of the Union army against the Confederacy.

The United States is fighting Civil War II, just not as an armed conflict, yet. The politics today are very caustic and the fight between the American people who elected Trump and the Deep State is very real. In particular, this war demands an Attorney General that will prosecute bad actors, no matter how high up on the political food chain.

Sessions NOT the Right Guy for the Job

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was confirmed on February 8th; he surrendered less than one month later when he recused himself from the fight of Donald Trump’s first year as president.

Sure, recusals are not supposed to be an admission of guilt, simply an acknowledged conflict of interest. That’s not why the Deep State wanted that recusal. It wanted it for political reasons (leverage in war), which is precisely why Sessions never should have given it to them; it was a white flag that ceded power over to the Deep State.

Sessions didn’t just remove himself from an investigation. He took himself off the battlefield in a political civil war.

As the country’s top law enforcement official, the Attorney General is supposed to defend the Republic against the biggest legal threats to it. The AG is responsible for preventing the country from falling into a pool of injustice and lawlessness. Once Trump was elected, the Deep State’s usurpation of power became that kind of threat. Whether Americans realize it or not, a silent coup attempt is taking place right now. Deep State apparatchiks are perpetrating it.

And Sessions punted; there has been significant fallout as a result.

Just days after former FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress in May, Trump fired him. Perhaps the most shocking part of that testimony came when Comey admitted that close Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin sent classified emails to her husband, who not only didn’t have clearance but was under investigation for sexual communications with a minor. Comey further stated that no crime had been committed.

A woman in Abedin – who never should have gotten a security clearance based on her family relationships – is a spy for the Saudis and Muslim Brotherhood. She violated the law by sharing classified information with her husband.

Comey then testified days after he was fired and admitted that he gave his memos recounting conversations he’d had with the President, to a friend so they could be leaked to the New York Times. The purpose for leaking them – by Comey’s own admission – was to get a Special Counsel to investigate the Trump administration.

Here is the audio:

So, here are some facts:

  1. Comey chose NOT to prosecute a Muslim Brotherhood spy for espionage despite overwhelming evidence for it.
  2. Comey chose to leak potentially classified information to the press in hopes that a special counsel would be appointed.
  3. A special counsel was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. That special counsel was Comey’s predecessor at the FBI, Robert Mueller.
  4. Mueller and Comey are close personal friends and have been for years. This is a conflict that far outweighs any conflict that Sessions had. Yet, Sessions surrendered and Mueller continues on.

Mueller was appointed not by Sessions, who took himself out of the battle, but by Sessions’ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Had Sessions not surrendered, it would have been his call on whether or not a special counsel would have been appointed. As Trump’s General, the right thing to do would have been not to appoint one. Instead, it fell to Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller.

Perhaps the most scandalous activity between Mueller and Comey involves Operation Green Quest. It was a dragnet initiated shortly after 9/11. The intent was to round up all sources of terror funding in the U.S. The operation bore fruit but was shutdown before it began. Mueller was at the center of the decision to dismantle it, as was John Ashcroft, Attorney General at the time. Comey was in toe as well; he was the U.S. Attorney of the Southern District of New York (Manhattan was in that district).

As Mueller’s investigation has moved forward, it’s become the quite predictable fishing expedition. Surrounded by Clinton loyalists, Mueller is going full boar for Trump. Yet, we’re to believe that Mueller doesn’t have a conflict relative to Comey and he doesn’t have one relative to the Clinton donors on his team.

Right. And Sessions does have a conflict. The unfortunate thing for Sessions is that his recusal is an admission of a conflict. The Deep State is up to its neck in conflicts but won’t admit it because it has a war to win.

Civil War II

As Mueller’s fishing expedition has been moving forward, Trump revised his disdain for his Attorney General’s decision. In a recorded interview with the New York Times last week, Trump didn’t hold back.

Here is the audio:

Trump Should Follow Lincoln’s Model

The lesson Trump should take away from America’s first civil war is that when Lincoln grew frustrated with his Generals for their lack of courage, he fired them. He fired them until he found one that would win the war.

Trump is in the middle of Civil War II and he needs to jettison Sessions for the same reason that Lincoln fired McClellan.

Until Grant, Lincoln’s generals didn’t have the stomach they needed to win.

That Sessions already surrendered is all the proof needed to demonstrate he doesn’t either.

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