Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is Obstructing Justice on MANY LEVELS AG Declined Re-Opening IRS Scandal and Operation Fast and Furious; Steele Dossier Scandal the Latest Obstruction

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By Ben Barrack

Sessions: Obstructing Justice while claiming to be man of “honor and integrity”

Last year, without reason or justification, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Department of Justice (DOJ) would not re-open the IRS scandal. The notorious Lois Lerner would not face prosecution, despite invoking her fifth amendment right and then unintentionally waiving it.

Now, another Barack Obama-era scandal appears to be getting the same treatment from Sessions. Operation Fast and Furious has left dead bodies in its wake. It continues to do so. One of those murdered as a direct result of Obama’s ATF putting guns in the hand of Mexican drug cartels in the name of gun control was Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Sessions Obstructing Justice in Fast and Furious

This weekend, Terry’s brother Kent tweeted President Donald Trump. He urged Trump to re-open the investigation. Especially relevant is the fact that Trump apparently told the Terry family it would happen. Unfortunately, the decision doesn’t rest with Trump; it rests with AG Sessions.

In response to Terry’s tweet, former Congressman Jason Chaffetz stated that he asked Sessions to do just that. Sessions said he would not.

Moreover, Congress found Attorney General Eric Holder to be in contempt. Holder refused to turnover documents in response to a subpoena.

Minutes before the contempt vote, Obama asserted Executive Privilege to prevent release of the documents.

Similarities between Fast and Furious and Steele Dossier Investigations

The investigation into Operation Fast and Furious came to a halt with Holder’s contempt vote and Obama’s assertion of Executive Privilege. As a result, it ended without justice being done. In fact, the assertion of Executive Privilege was illegal and not based on a lawful interpretation of that privilege.

At the time, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) explained exactly why Obama was outside his lane.

If any investigation warrants being re-opened by the DOJ, it’s Fast and Furious. Yet, Sessions told Chaffetz he would not do so. As a result, the Terry family continues to be denied justice. Consequently, Sessions is literally protecting high level criminals at the ATF and DOJ to this day. He does so while claiming to be a man of “honor and integrity” in response to questions that ask why he doesn’t do the right thing.

Especially relevant is that Sessions is also protecting the FBI and DOJ in a very similar way, with respect to the discredited Steele Dossier. The DNC and Hillary Clinton funded that dossier. They then gave it to the FBI. The FBI and DOJ then submitted FISA applications based on the dossier.

Sessions isn’t just declining to prosecute these DOJ criminals. He’s publicly showing solidarity with them. In particular, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is an actual co-conspirator. He signed the very FISA applications based on the Steele dossier. Sessions continues to praise Rosenstein and break bread with him.

Sessions Obstructing Justice in IRS Targeting Scandal

As was the case with Fast and Furious, the investigation wallowed despite catching the person at the center of it dead to rights. In front of the House Oversight Committee, Lerner invoked her fifth amendment right not to testify. However, upon doing so, she declared her innocence.

In gambling parlance, we call that a jackpot.

Rep. Gowdy immediately called her out. In asserting her innocence, Lerner waived her fifth amendment right. If ever there existed a layup investigation, that moment created it.

While Congress performed its oversight duties in that case, it’s a limited body. It cannot prosecute anyone. The only entity that can is the DOJ. At the time, Holder and later Loretta Lynch led the DOJ. There was no possible way either of them would prosecute Lerner or anyone else at the IRS.

Lerner’s crimes were indisputable. Prosecuting her would have led to bigger fish facing indictments. That reality, perhaps more than any other, is why it’s so important.

If the decisions not to act on egregious crimes committed in Operation Fast and Furious and at the IRS have taught us anything about AG Sessions, it’s one thing. He is not interested in prosecuting anyone over the issue of the Steele dossier either.

It’s taught us something else as well.

As much as Sessions would like us to believe he’s a man of “honor and integrity”, he’s not.

In fact, he’s lying to both himself and the American people on that score.

Sessions is obstructing justice on many levels. At this point, his behavior is borderline criminal.

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