AG Sessions Selects Obama Appointee to Investigate FISA ABUSE John Huber will also REPORT to FISA ABUSE Co-Conspirator Rod Rosenstein

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By Ben Barrack

Today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made two announcements. First, he believes a second special counsel to investigate the Deep State is not necessary. Second, he revealed the name of the man to whom he assigned the task of doing it.

That man is John Huber, the U.S. Attorney in Utah. Sessions has appointed him as the man to investigate FISA abuse by the Obama Justice Department. Guess who Huber will report to?

Sessions and none other than FISA corruption co-conspirator, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

In 2015, it was Barack Obama who appointed him. In March of 2017, Trump asked Huber for his resignation.

Since then, Sessions made Huber the Acting U.S. Attorney for Utah. As such, he has his job back.

In a letter to three members of Congress who had asked Sessions to appoint a second Special Counsel, Sessions said it wasn’t necessary. Facts say otherwise.


Conflicts of Interest

Especially relevant in all this is the fact that Rosenstein is a co-conspirator in FISA abuse. Rosenstein actually signed one of the applications to spy on Trump officials. The bogus dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele is what Rosenstein and others used to justify the FISA applications.

As a result, Sessions is allowing an investigator in Huber to be subordinate to a co-conspirator in Rosenstein.


When Sessions recused himself from any investigation involving Russian interference in the 2016 election, it was unnecessary. Most noteworthy is that if Sessions is so concerned about integrity and avoiding conflicts of interest, he should demand Rosenstein be nowhere near the FISA abuse investigation. As such, Rosenstein’s conflicts make any that Sessions might have look as innocent as puppy love.

How about Huber? Sessions recused himself for bumping into a Russian diplomat in public. Yet, he is allowing Rosenstein to lead the investigation that implicates Rosenstein. He is also allowing Huber to investigate the administration of the man who appointed him as U.S. Attorney for Utah (Obama).

Consequently, Sessions’s judgment is trumped only by his hypocrisy.

This latest move by Sessions further demonstrates that he is further obstructing justice.

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