MAJOR FLAW In Otherwise Good Film ‘AMERICAN MADE’ Starring Tom Cruise Timing of Reagan's Speech CHANGED to Make Him Look Incompetent and to Misrepresent History

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By Ben Barrack

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Cruz (L) as Barry Seal and Sarah Wright as Seal’s wife, Lucy (R) (Photo via CNET)

CIA informant Barry Seal was assassinated in his car by drug cartel hitmen on February 19, 1986. In the film American Made, starring Tom Cruise, they got that part right. What the film completely blew was the motive for the murder.

In the film – prior to his assassination – Seal and his wife Lucy are enraged as they watch then President Ronald Reagan’s White House address. During his speech, Reagan shows undercover photos taken by Seal in Central America. What they show is Seal working with Pablo Escobar and other cartel leaders. This made it easy for the producers of the film to simplify the cause of Seal’s death; Reagan blew his cover.

Reagan was made to look completely incompetent.

There’s a small problem. Reagan didn’t give that speech until March 16, 1986 nearly a full month after Seal’s murder. Here is the video posted at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Note the date at the beginning:

Here is the same speech, queued up to start when Reagan showed the photos:

By portraying Reagan as the one who blew Seal’s cover, the film took attention away from three figures who were most responsible.

Then Vice President George H.W. Bush, then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton and notorious Iran-Contra figure, Oliver North. For approximately six months prior to Reagan showing Seal’s photos, “Ollie” had been leaking information to the press about the Sandinistas working with cartel figures. It was these leaks that endangered Seal, not Reagan’s airing of the photos one month after Seal was murdered.

What the Movie Got Right

In the film, Seal was apprehended by various federal three-letter agencies in Arkansas. Each one wanted a piece of Seal and were convinced he was going away for a long time. That was, until the State’s Attorney General got a call from then Governor Bill Clinton.

Seal was released. This indicated that Clinton knew exactly what was going on in his state. In fact, a scene from the film in which Clinton was getting a lap dance was cut from the film. Allegedly, Seal took Clinton to a strip club in order to get him to be a part of the operation based out of Mena. We now know that the producers were willing to include untruthful scenes like the one with Reagan revealing Seal’s photos to the American people.

Clinton getting a lap dance is far more believable.

Nonetheless, Clinton allowed Seal to go free. That doesn’t square with his response to a question by Sarah McClendon in 1994. Watch Clinton deny having any knowledge of the Mena operation:

Actors portraying Ollie North and George W. Bush appeared in the film. Actual footage of George H.W. Bush appeared briefly at the end. There was no footage of Clinton

Reagan received the most attention by the film’s producers and was essentially libeled and portrayed as the incompetent figure overseeing Seal’s activities.

The film brought enough of the big players into the story for people to connect the dots if they wanted to. The problem is, they shouldn’t have to.

If the producers were willing to smear Reagan with lies and mock him with the Say No to Drugs campaign as a hypocrite, they should have been willing to include more facts about the involvement of North, Bush and Clinton.

Reagan is an easy target for the left. He’s not only dead but they know conservatives revere him. The problem is that the real men behind the operation should have been brought into the spotlight more than Reagan was.

Overall, the film was well done and told enough of the story to hopefully pique the interest of enough people to dig for the truth.

The truth is that the truth about who was behind Seal’s activities is very ugly indeed.

UPDATE at 5:41pm CST on DECEMBER 9, 2017

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