Last Year, Trump Pointed to Saudi Involvement in 9/11; Now he’s Giving Them Billions of Dollars in Weapons Latest Example Showing Trump BEING SUCKED INTO THE SWAMP, Not Draining It

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By Ben Barrack

In early 2016, then candidate Donald Trump implied that Saudi Arabia was behind the 9/11 attacks. Today, he’s gearing up to announce a weapons deal that will send tens of billions of dollars worth of arms to… Saudi Arabia.

Via Reuters:

Washington is working to push through contracts for tens of billions of dollars in arms sales to Saudi Arabia, some new, others in the pipeline, ahead of U.S. President Donald Trump’s trip to the kingdom this month, people familiar with the talks told Reuters this week.

Here is Trump last year, pointing to the Saudi role in 9/11:

Here is the audio:

The 28 Pages

The “papers” Trump was referring to are the 28 pages from a 2002 bi-cameral and bi-partisan Congressional report. Those 28 pages were censored by George W. Bush and kept hidden until July of 2016. Just three months after Bush censored those pages, the U.S. invaded Iraq.

Prince Bandar and George H.W. Bush on a fishing trip.

Even though the pages were released, they still contained significant redactions. Nonetheless, it’s clear after reading them that the nation of Saudi Arabia was involved in the attacks.

The most powerful Saudi official implicated is Ambassador to the U.S. at the time, Prince Bandar.

Immediately after 9/11, the Saudis needed damage control. Adel al-Jubeir provided it. At the time, he was the Director of the Saudi Information and Congressional Affairs Office at the Saudi Embassy in the U.S. Therefore, his job was to convince Americans that the U.S. and the Saudis had the same enemies.

This is the grand lie but al-Jubeir was very good at telling it.

Just one day after the 28 pages were released in 2016, al-Jubeir attempted to knock them down. The truth is that those pages showed clearly that Saudi officials collaborated with hijackers on U.S. soil before the attacks:

Iran and Saudi Arabia

The two nation states most involved in the 9/11 attacks are Iran and Saudi Arabia. The 28 pages reveal the Saudi role. A case known as Havlish v. Iran, et. al. revealed Iran’s role because a Federal District Court judge ruled just that.

The two nations are actually mortal enemies but just as Shiite Hezbollah (Iran) and Sunni Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood) work together against non-Muslims, so will Iran and Saudi Arabia; they did just that on 9/11. The Saudis fund Muslim Brotherhood efforts all around the world, to include the Institute on Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA). The IMMA was founded with the help of wealthy Saudi al-Qaeda financier Abdullah Omar Naseef. This shows that the Saudis do work with the Muslim Brotherhood, which IS al-Qaeda.

So, why is Trump eager to send so many weapons from the Saudis? Again, from Reuters:

Washington and Riyadh are eager to improve relations strained under President Barack Obama in part because of his championing of a nuclear deal with Saudi foe Iran.

So, the strategy is to counter the Iran nuclear deal with billions of dollars in weapons for Saudi Arabia. The U.S. is arming the two nations most responsible for 9/11.

Perhaps the U.S. is betting on both countries fighting each other and facilitating it like the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980’s.

However, the Saudis and Iran have attacked America. Al-Qaeda was financed by the Saudis. Why wouldn’t the Saudis finance more terrorism against the U.S.?

The coziness between U.S. presidents and the Saudis began on the watch of FDR in 1945. He met with the Saudi King and it’s believed the two men discussed security and oil. In return for access to Saudi oil, FDR promised security from the U.S.

Here is a lengthier version of archival footage.

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