BUSTED: James Clapper Trapped By His Own Yapper Ex-Director of National Intelligence Said NO FISA order on Trump Tower; Carter Page Was a Target

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Apr 12, 2017 1 Comment ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

Former Director for the Office of National Intelligence (ODNI) James Clapper said, “I can deny it” when asked if there was a FISA court order to surveil Trump Tower. Especially relevant is the fact that we now know that is a lie.

Washington Post reporter Adam Entous reported during an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon that the FBI did in fact obtain a FISA warrant on Donald Trump Campaign advisor Carter Page:

Now, let’s go back to Meet the Press on March 5th. One day earlier, Trump fired off a tweet about Obama ‘wiretapping’ Trump Tower. The ex-DNI chief appeared on Meet the Press and denied everything. He didn’t just deny that Trump had been wiretapped.

He emphatically and specifically denied that any such warrant existed. When asked if the FBI had obtained a FISA warrant, Clapper said no way. In fact, he said that if there had been such a warrant, he would have known about it.

That’s what makes this discovery about Carter Page all the more explosive.

Have a look at Clapper getting trapped by his own Yapper:

Here is the audio of the exchange:

James Clapper: Trapped by his Own Yapper

Like Susan Rice, Clapper has a history of lying. Check this out. He actually said the Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular”.

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  1. don76550 says:

    This is the same corrupt bozo who committed perjury in front of congress. I do not understand why congressional eunuchs do not charge liars under oath with perjury. It happens over and over.

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